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  • Robert Rodriguez’s Live Action ‘Fire and Ice’ Remake Coming from Sony Posted by on December 19, 2014 under News
    Hot off he heels of Sony bowing to terrorist demands and Kim Jong Un becoming the CEO of Sony Pictures, the studio has revealed that they're going to release the live action remake of Fire and Ice. This is something that Rodriguez has talked about for a while, and Deadline con... more.
  • Marky Mark Will Return in Transformers 5 Posted by on under News
    People love to bash Michael Bay's mindless Bayhem in the Transformers movies, as well as the acting, but as every Transformers fan knows the humans are always second to the robots. The first three movies were burdened with Shia LaNonononono, but Age of Extinction upgraded the main human character to Marky Mark. Even though they missed a huge opportunity to introduce the Autobot Blaster to the f... more.
  • See How ILM Created the Bayhem in Transformers 4 Posted by on under News
    Did you know that Paramount is actually pursuing a Best Picture nomination for Transformers: Age of Extinction? After you pick yourself off the floor from laughing, the movie does stand a chance in the more technical categories, one of which is naturally visual effects. Say what you will about the movies themselves, the Transformers films have always been a showcase for ILM's talents. As th... more.
  • James Gunn Reveals Who Peter Quill’s Dad Isn’t Posted by on December 18, 2014 under Comics, Pics
    Following Sony caving into demands of terrorists and canceling the release of The Interview, Guardians of the Galaxy director James Gunn went to instagram with the above joke showing one person who most definitely won't be Peter Quill's father in the sequel. ... more.
  • Spider-Woman’s Batgirl-Style Redesign Posted by on under Comics, News
    Not long ago Marvel was embroiled in a stupid internet controversy after their hired a well known erotica artist to draw a Spider-Woman variant cover in his typical erotic art style. The Spider-Woman comic has since launched and as with most internet controversies many people have moved on to whatever is this week's popular hashtag activism on twitter and Tumblr, but Marvel doesn't seem to forget ... more.
  • Details on Spider-Man’s Possible ‘Civil War’ Cameo Posted by on under Comics, News
    We now know that it's unlikely that Spider-Man will make a large cameo in Captain America: Civil War, but there's still a possibility of a post-credits scene. However due to the Sony hack and their "Christmas gift" of Sony Pictures CEO Michael Lynton's leaked emails we now know exactly what the Spidey cameo in Civil War would've consisted of. A twitter user named "more.
  • This Should Be The Jurassic World Poster Posted by on December 17, 2014 under Pics
    If that trailer wasn't enough for you, Colin Trevorrow released a new still from Jurassic World today. Saying he was in the editing room, he released this awesome pic of Chris Pratt chilling with his raptor buddy. That looks like it could be an animatronic raptor there, and this is all they need for the poster. Just put the release date at the bottom, and people will pack theaters. ... more.
  • Andy Serkis Only Plays One Character in The Force Awakens Posted by on under News, Star Wars
    When the hopes and dreams of Tumblr were crushed last month following the revelation that Andy Serkis, not Benedict Cumberbatch, narrates The Force Awakens teaser trailer some fans began to speculate that he plays more than one character in the movie. Based on his history doing CG m... more.
  • Tim Burton Doesn’t Get ‘Dark’ Marvel Movies Posted by on under Comics, News
    Twenty five years ago, Tim Burton jump started the modern superhero movie with his take on Batman. There wouldn't really be a Marvel Cinematic Universe, or a Nolan Batman trilogy, if he didn't create the modern superhero blockbuster. Now Burton says he doesn't get the Marvel model. Speaking with Yah... more.
  • The Best ‘Dancing Groot’ Collectible Yet Posted by on under Comics, Pics
    There have been a lot of counterfeit dancing Groot toys out there, and Funko has their Pop! Bobblehead, but what about a screen-accurate version? Leave it to Hot Toys for that. The high-end collectible maker has revealed their "Little Groot" figure, which will make its debut at Toy Soul 2014 in ... more.
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