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Thor Movie Poster

Marvel has released the first official poster for next summer’s Thor. It’s really just a color-modified photo of Thor, but it still looks pretty bad ass. Word is that they’ve also put together a 3D trailer for Thor that is pretty impressive. It’s not known when it’ll show up, but seeing as how Marvel is now owned by Disney and Tron is being released in 3D next week; chances are it may show up there.

  • Susan
    December 10, 2010


    Rather as I thought – the actor doesn’t look that much like Thor at all. & they knew it, too – that’s why the weird, obscuring angle.

  • Mike D
    December 10, 2010


    What? Pshhhthpllltttt. Please. He is great for the part. There will be many more posters of this film. “Obscuring” my ass.

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