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Return of the Jedi on a College Exam

Personally, I’d say B. But then again you never know with college professors, they can tend to be kind of wacky in their thinking so it could be either A or E.

  • Mr G
    January 14, 2011


    the answer is g

  • preschool
    January 14, 2011


    even a child knows it’s B!!

  • Simon
    January 14, 2011


    Career college?

  • Aleina
    January 14, 2011


    It is rumoured that a lot of information about findings on the moon has been classified by the Americans. In 1988 human footprints on the lunar surface was unveiled by a noted Chinese official who was a member of the nation’s space programme. It was stated by the said official that such information has been received from a reliable source and accused the Americans for concealing such fact. Such photos were from August 3rd 1969 that is two weeks after Armstrong and Aldrin stepped on the lunar surface i.e. on July 20th 1969.


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