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The Maker Rides Star Tours II

The official Disney Parks Blog recently revealed that George Lucas (along with Rick McCallum) stopped by Disneyland to ride the new Star Tours II, which is still being worked on. The two apparently checked out “several” of the destinations for the ride, which confirms that it won’t always be the same ride and Lucas had his picture taken next to the new animatronic C-3PO in the cockpit, which replaces Captain Rex in the ride.

  • TheReviewer
    February 4, 2011


    Can’t wait to check it out, but I’ll miss REX.

  • Mark
    February 6, 2011


    I don’t know. I would get all that money, but I would lose all my love and appreciate for his original creations. He obviously doesn’t have the respect for the franchise that most of his fans have.

  • demi
    February 14, 2011


    I feel like checking this out right now and right here. This is just great. I liked the post.

  • Koya
    February 23, 2011


    Wow. Just saying wow again and again. It is like the best post. I am proud of you. keep it up.

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