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Here’s Wonder Woman!

Yesterday, Entertainment Weekly released the first image of Adrianne Palicki in her full Wonder Woman garb. Above you can see a higher-resolution version of the same image. The costume appears to mix elements from both the classic costume as well as the ill-received new suit that just recently popped up in the comics.

  • jeff
    March 19, 2011


    Plastic! she is a great pick as WW. but the suit is just PLASTIC! not good at all.

  • Scott
    March 21, 2011


    The picture made me think Jessica Biel would have been a good choice for WW. #RandomTHought

  • OH NO!
    March 28, 2011


    Hot but no way in hell is she fighting in that.

  • Steph
    March 31, 2011


    I can’t believe they made it out of vinyl. I mean, have they ever worn vinyl? You can hardly bend over to zip your boots up, much less fight bad guys. Not to mention it makes it look like she got it on the 50% off rack of Hot Topic.

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