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The USS Enterprise Recreated in 3D Inside and Out

If you think you’re a dedicated scifi fan, check this out. Using 3Dstudio Max and a lot of dedication, the Original Series USS Enterprise 1701 is being recreated entirely in 3D, including the interior! This was done using the available blueprints for the ship, and is about 550,000 polys. You can follow the entire project on the 3DBuzz Forum thread right here.

Dedication like this to Trek is impressive, so we had to ask the creator some questions.

When did you decide to tackle this?

2 1/2 – 3 years ago. I was working on the idea of modding for Bethesda’s Elder scrolls series and the Eidos Thief series.

At the time, I was working on a mod for THIEF III and realized that I was going to need to build some meshes to
accomplish what I wanted done. That started me learning to use Blender and 3dstudio Max. I intended initially just to build the bridge; but, once I got started, …

How long has it taken to get to the point you’re currently at?

Well, it’s headed for 3 years now. I couldn’t tell you how many actual hours are involved in the model. Never bothered to log the hours overall. It’s just been an interesting spare time project for me.

What’s been the biggest challenge so far?

Having no formal training can create problems here and there; but, that has not been so bad. The real problem is with the subject matter. Reference material is sparse. To the extent you can find an image of some prop, it might be out of focus, shot in the background too small to see clearly, in poor light, you name it. So it can take 3-5 hours of research at times for every hour of modelling.

When you finally complete it, what’s next? A Star Wars ship maybe?

Something smaller lol. I’ve had people ask me to take on the Enterprise D, the Nostromo, An Imperial cruiser from Star Wars, you name it. But I think the next thing will be Serenity from Firefly. And though I’ve joked about it here and there, I’d love to do a dupe of the statue of Jayne Cobb from that series as well.. from the episode “Jaynestown”. The elites seem to have scuttled that show because it wasn’t “globalist” enough for them; so, I’m for keeping it alive.

Thanks for giving your time to both this project and our questions.

Cool. Thank you. One last thing I’d like to say if it’s ok. The build is crossposted to several sites; but, the main thread is at 3dbuzz for a reason. They host IMHO the best training material available on the web bar none and are some seriously great people. Can’t thank them enough for playing host to this build for all this time.

  • NeoTechni
    March 31, 2011


    So where can you download it?

  • Bad News
    March 31, 2011


    This 3d sucks..

    Also Autodesk should check with that guy to see if he has LICENSED his copy of 3d studio max

  • what
    March 31, 2011


    3 years??
    that’s an absurd amount of time, then again, he had no formal training with the programs.
    an experienced person could do that in a week or two tops.
    his next model should be finished alot quicker

    • 3yrs not bad realy
      March 31, 2011


      3 yrs is not that long all depends on how much detail he has included pus it sounds like he spent more time reseaching that just desiging..

  • Havoc92
    March 31, 2011


    Wow. Where to begin.

    1) the ship isn’t available yet as a download. Parts of it will be included in a mod later to be announced on the Buzz thread.

    2) Detractors don’t bother me much. Genuine criticism is always welcome and this is crossposted to a number of different modelling and Trek related sites. I’ve had enough good commentary from people who have far more experience than I do that hearing from guys who aren’t serious doesn’t bother me much. Let them do their own work, rather than spouting and come to me when Doug Graves and Doug Drexler have given them a thumbs up for their efforts. Till then, talk is cheap ;)

    That said, serious commentary – good or bad – is always welcome. Come have a look over at 3dbuzz and thanks to Furious Fanboys for the interest.

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