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William Shatner Helps Us Say Goodbye to the Space Shuttle

There are only two Space Shuttle missions left. Endeavor goes up later this month, and Atlantis launches her final mission (and the final Space Shuttle launch ever) on June 28th. As space buffs, it’s pretty sad to be saying goodbye to the shuttle program. But who better to help us say goodbye than Captain Kirk himself? NASA has released a fourteen-minute video narrated by William Shatner that gives a brief history of the shuttle program, and showing what goes into a shuttle launch and it’s described as only Shatner can. Check it out.

  • TheReviewer
    April 13, 2011


    I suppose Captain Kirk is the right person to do this.

  • tom
    April 15, 2011


    In the top photo is that how people dress in the us then ?

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