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5 Reasons Green Lantern Doesn’t Suck

Based on the internet, you’d think that Green Lantern was the worst movie since Batman & Robin. Thankfully it isn’t. It’s one of the most faithful comic-to-screen adaptations ever, and if you read Geoff Johns’ awesome run on Green Lantern over the decade; you’ll probably really like the movie. Here are a few reasons why Green Lantern definitely does not suck.


If you’re familiar with the Green Lantern comics you know who Sinestro becomes. Despite what many people have been saying, the seeds for that turn are placed throughout the first movie. It’s pretty blatant in fact when Sinestro begs the Guardians to craft a yellow ring so he could fight fear with fear. He craved the power, and the pay off is one of the coolest credit Easter Eggs ever in a comic book movie.

This is Hal Jordan

Initially I was worried about Ryan Reynolds as Hal Jordan. His wisecracking persona is much better fit to Barry Allen for The Flash, but he proved me wrong with completely nailing every element of Hal Jordan. There’s the cocky pilot on Earth, the hero when he pulls Abin Sur from his ship, and the Lantern who’s not afraid to talk back to the Guardians and put them in their place. That Hal from the comics is right there on screen.

The Suit

I initially hated the movie design of the suit. Leading up to the movie I avoided the film version of the Green Lantern action figures and the DC Direct busts because I just didn’t like how the suit looked. But seeing it in motion in the film, and especially how the Ring energy interacts with it; it’s extremely cool and I understand the design decisions. It works so much better than a plain spandex style suit would in live action and I liked every chance the movie gave to see the suit.


The Ring’s constructs play a major part in the comics, and while there was initially some worry that they’d be toned down in the movie; the reality is that they’re all over the film. When Hal saves the day about halfway through the movie to reveal himself as Green Lantern on Earth, the constructs he makes are the elaborate type you expect to see after reading the comics. They’re as key to the movie as the suit is.

It’s Faithful to the Comics

Aside from some minor changes to save excess explanation, the lore of the movie is extremely faithful to the comics. Oa, Kilowog, Tomar-Re, the Guardians, and all of the Green Lantern Corps (aside from Guy, Kyle, and John) are here and if you’re familiar with the books you’ll love seeing it realized on screen.

  • tom
    June 17, 2011


    thank you for looking at the movie with a little objectivity it seems that teh internets have desided to hate it and therefore it must be panned

  • mkmilion
    June 17, 2011


    I still can’t get past Ryan Reynolds.

  • Jay
    June 17, 2011


    Can you also list the 47 reasons it does suck?

  • Notdrunkyet
    June 18, 2011


    “His wisecracking persona is much better fit to Barry Allen for The Flash”

    Since when was Barry Allen one to crack jokes?

  • Derp
    June 19, 2011


    When DC needs to find its live-action Barry Allen, there’s still Neil Patrick Harris(who already voiced the part in “Justice League: The New Frontier “)

  • Notdrunkyet
    June 19, 2011


    Historically, Barry Allen was never a smart ass. That was introduced with Wally West.

  • Troll
    June 20, 2011


    This movie blows dick out its own dick into its ass. Bet Ryan wishes he didn’t turn his nose up at Deadpool now!

  • Joseph
    June 20, 2011


    After reading your list, I have no desire to watch the movie. But I may read the comics. Most of your list has to do with the comics. A movie should stand alone from it’s source material, and be judged accordingly.

  • neoanakinpotter
    June 21, 2011


    Hey, if people are gonna do nothing but hate on GL…that’s their thing. Let the hater’s hate. I LOVED Green Lantern & I really hope it gets a sequel. (although w/ all the money involved…that looks pretty grim)

    It’s wasn’t as cerebral as The Dark Knight, V for Vendetta or Watchmenwas …but at least its EONS better of a comic-book movie than Ghost Rider, Elektra & the abomination that is “X-Men: The Last Stand”

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