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George Lucas Strikes Back

There’s a new Youtube parody video burning up the Internet this week that we almost didn’t want to post because it’s from the “George Lucas raped my childhood” camp. We’re not part of that group, and really think their whining and theatrics have become both stale and annoying. From documentaries such as “The People vs. George Lucas” to a song titled “George Lucas Raped My Childhood” their horse has been beaten so badly it’s well beyond glue by now.

But this video is actually pretty funny. It poses the idea that the Lucas that made the original trilogy was locked away for twenty years and when he’s released he goes on a low budget assault on the prequel empire. Check it out.

  • dbutler69
    June 3, 2011


    You’re right on both counts – the “George Lucas raped my childhood” camp is lame, and this video is pretty darn funny. My favorite part is “how do you stop an empire like that?” blam blam blam! “You shoot first”

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