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Green Lantern Sequel Coming!

It looks like the haters will have to set the sights on another comic book movie to beat down, as Warner Brothers is moving forward with the Green Lantern sequel. The Hollywood Reporter has the story of Warner, despite being a little disappointed with the current box office, is moving forward with the sequel as they are looking for a franchise to replace Harry Potter.

I think it’s pretty obvious that the Sinestro Corps will play some role in the sequel, but the first movie also had a reference to Star Sapphire, so that’s another possibility. A good trilogy would bring in the Sinestro Corps in the second movie, and then the Manhunters in the third.

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  • Josh
    June 27, 2011


    Actually if they really wanted to make a trilogy compelling Sinestro would be a lantern in the sequel and they’d face the Manhunters but he’d slowly turn (on screen instead of off like the first film) and allow us to see Hal looking up to Sinestro and then the final movie would have the Sinestro Corp and we’d see teacher vs student.

    But the film makers got off to a rocky start with this first film and I see the second being like Batman Forever and the final movie being worse than Batman and Robin. I hope I’m wrong but I doubt I am.

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