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DC Reveals the New Green Lantern

Remember that cover for Green Lantern #1 that DC released? That was just a temporary cover until they were ready to reveal the real one, which they did today. And by revealing it, they also dropped a pretty big spoiler.

As you can see, Sinestro appears to be the star of Green Lantern #1, and according to the post on DC’s site; he’s the new Lantern for sector 2814. How this will play out in the story is unknown, as it’s confirmed that Hal Jordan is a member of the new Justice League. Kyle Raynor (lol) is the leader of the New Guardians (the Care Bear Corps of Lanterns) while John and Guy Gardner feature in Green Lantern Corps, so maybe Hal will still feature in Green Lantern or maybe it’s just Sinestro for the time being.

  • Bryan
    July 13, 2011


    Kyle will always be my favorite GL.

    • Jeremy Conrad
      July 13, 2011


      I’m so sorry.

  • Sedare
    July 14, 2011


    I’m with Bryan, but then again I haven’t kept up with comics since 2004 as life took financial priority away from my comics :( I still have Kyle’s first appearance and GL 48-50 when Hal went nuts during the destruction of Coast City. I love Hal, Jon, and even Guy, but wow how is it Sinestro is a good guy again? So much has happened during my absence. Maybe this DC reboot, or whatever, will be a good time to hop back in. Also as an unrelated aside: I still love Aquaman, especially Peter David’s run in the 90’s (screw you Larsen!). He is a cool guy too. I remember doing an AOL DC chat with him even earlier in the 90’s.

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