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5 Reasons to be Excited About Star Wars Celebration 2015



We are now only ninety days away from Star Wars Celebration 2015 in Anaheim, CA. The largest Star Wars convention in the world will kick off a year of incredible Star Wars hype leading up to the first live-action Star Wars movie in a decade. What is there to be excited about at Celebration this year? Here are five things:

The Force Awakens


Traditionally, Star Wars Celebration is used to promote a new movie. The first three corresponded to the Prequel releases, and then they did them to celebrate big anniversaries for the Original Trilogy. Celebration 2015 is in April as it was originally meant to be one month before Episode VII when it still had its original May 22nd release. There will be new The Force Awakens footage here, likely in the form of the new teaser. It’s doubtful they’ll do anything like Celebration II where the Yoda fight in Episode II was famously spoiled at the convention…

The Spin-Offs


By the time Celebration arrives early production on the first Spin-Off will be well underway. It’s very possible we’ll find out once and for all what it’s really about at the convention. It won’t be shocking if it really is an Ocean’s 11 style heist featuring a cast of familiar bounty hunters set before A New Hope.

Rebels Season Two


The first season of Rebels is awesome enough, but those who attend Celebration will be able to see the season premiere of the second season. They’ll also be playing the season finale of Season One to catch up those people who missed it before seeing where the crew of the Ghost goes in their next year.

The Complete Saga


In addition to premiering the 3D version of Revenge of the Sith at Celebration, they’ll also screen the five other current Star Wars movies. You’ll be able to see the entire Prequel Trilogy in 3D and the entire Original Trilogy in 2D. And before someone tries to get you hyped up for disappointment, these will be the current cuts of the Original Trilogy (the Superior Editions).

A Few New Surpises


Lucasfilm does love to surprise fans, which is why there may be things we don’t expect there. One theory is they’ll do a Marvel style reveal and announce the first three Spin-Offs along with Episodes VII and IX. Maybe they’ll finally officially announce that Rian Johnson is directing Episode VIII? Whatever happens, we’ll be there to let you know all the details…