Today we covered a lot of stuff that went down at celebration and got some behind the scenes info on Episode VII and the first Spin off, Rogue One. Here are the topics we touched on.

  1. Star Wars Anthology: Rogue One Details Revealed at Celebration
  2. Why You Didn’t See the Rogue One Teaser Officially Released
  3. Star Wars The Old Republic Is Not Canon
  4. The First Force Awakens Teaser’s BB-8 Wasn’t Practical
  5. Canon Star Wars Book Crushes the Boba Fett Recon Rumors
  6. Viral Video Lies About How Man of Steel Really Looks
  7. VideoLab Admits to Misrepresenting Man of Steel
  8. Batman V Superman Isn’t a Man of Steel Sequel
  9. Fox’s Fantastic Four Reboot Changes Reed’s Powers
  10. Avatar 5 Could Happen
  11. Star Trek 3’s Title May Be ‘Star Trek Beyond’

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