10 Reasons Why the Batman V Superman Trailer Didn\’t Suck

Batman V Superman Trailer

Ever since the Batman V Superman trailer was released shortly after the Civil War trailer, there were complaints online that it “sucked”. These complaints ranged from people not seeing what they wanted in it to Marvel fans trying to spark some kind of fanboy war. Except the fact of the matter is that the trailer is pretty awesome and bodes well for how comic-accurate the DC Cinematic Universe is shaping up to be…

Bruce Wayne

Batman V Superman Trailer

When Affleck was cast as Bruce Wayne you’ll probably remember the revolt that happened on the internet. But those who saw Affleck’s The Town knew he could pull off an older and weary Bruce Wayne, and we see that in the trailer. Just the way he speaks as Bruce is more like the character in the comic as opposed to the flashy billionaire playboy that the previous movies have tried to put forth.

Man of Steel From Bruce Wayne’s Perspective

Batman V Superman Trailer

There were rumors that we’d see the final battle in Man of Steel from Bruce’s perspective in the movie and the trailer seemed to confirm that. It’s pretty awesome to see that fight from a “Marvels” style perspective of someone on the street level. Even cooler that the person we see it from is Bruce Wayne.

The Dark Knight Returns Armor

Batman V Superman Trailer

It may be fully CG like Zod’s armor was in Man of Steel, but Batman’s power armor looks pretty awesome in the movie. They aren’t following the storyline of The Dark Knight Returns, but they definitely recreated the armor from it pretty perfectly.

Superman’s Glowing Red Eyes

Batman V Superman Trailer

This is an image that should be familiar to anyone who reads Superman comics on a regular basis. Too many people have their own “headcanon” of who and what Superman is, but for those who actually read Superman comics this image is very iconic.


Batman V Superman Trailer

While it’s not confirmed, those flying monsters in the Batman nightmare sequence sure do look at lot like Darkseid’s Parademons. That’s something pretty awesome to set up as Darkseid is rumored to be the major villain in Justice League Part 2. The Avengers set up Thanos in their first movie, so this wouldn’t be strange.

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