The X-Files \’Home Again\’ Recap



Home Again is a sucker punch right in the feels for long-time fans of The X-Files.

Although it shares a title with the famous fifth season episode “Home”, Home Again doesn’t have the Peacock family. It also has a different focus than what you may be led to believe from the promos. Sure Mulder is tracking down a gross killer who likes to rip people into pieces, but the real focus on the episode was on Scully and her mother who was in a coma.

There are some real deep dives into past events of The X-Files here, going all the way back to Season 2 when Scully herself was in a coma. They even included a flashback to that to remind people that Scully used the same words to her mother as Mulder did to her. There are mentions of all of Scully’s family in this episode, reminding people of the deaths that happened throughout the series. Then towards the end there is even more focus on William, which is really making it look like that he may have a part to play in the final episode of this mini-series.

We’ve had mythology, sci-fi, humor, and while this is technically the “horror” episode it’s also equally the “family drama” story that The X-Files did throughout its original run. For long time X-Files fans, this was the emotional gut punch right in the middle of the mini-series.

There are only two episodes left. And that makes me sad. It’s been awesome having The X-Files back!