The X-Files \’Babylon\’ Recap



The theory that The X-Files revival is a microcosm of the entire nine-series run seems to be confirmed with the second to last episode, “Babylon”.

This episode is the “replacements” one, obviously calling back to when Mulder and Scully took a back seat in the eighth and ninth seasons of the show. Here two young agents who are basically copies of Mulder and Scully come for their help in communicating with a near-death terrorist in an attempt to find out if there’s a larger cell and larger attack on the way.

The highlight of the episode is when Mulder decides to try some magic mushrooms to enter a state to talk to the terrorist. It ends up working, but his shroom-induced trip took Mulder to a Texas country bar where he encountered the Lone Gunmen in a hallucination. Yup, they’re still dead. They didn’t have any dialog here and just appeared at a table with Mulder, which means that comic where they faked their dead didn’t turn out to be canon.

There’s only one episode of The X-Files left, and it pains me to see my favorite show of all time leaving once again. Although Fox calling it the “Season Finale” leaves hope that we will indeed get another limited series and possibly that third movie.