Star Wars Fans Triggered By Lack of Alien Fan Service in The Last Jedi

This week Vanity Fair released their photos for The Last Jedi, and one of them really sent some fans into a frenzy.

Specifically a segment of the Star Wars fanbase went off the rails when they saw the images of Canto Bight, the “casino city”. What set them off was the aliens, or more precisely the lack of any recognizable aliens from the Original Trilogy.

The fans took out their ire on both Rian Johnson and Pablo Hidalgo on Twitter, blasting them for not including any Rodians or Twi’leks in The Last Jedi. Pablo had a great response explaining why Canto Bight doesn’t have alien fan service:


This is a new area of the galaxy that we haven’t seen in Star Wars yet. It’s NEW. That’s a good thing. Instead of walking down a nostalgia checklist like Abrams did with The Force Awakens, Johnson is actually creating new stuff to add to the Star Wars universe.

I don’t know about you, but expanding the Star Wars look with new aliens, planets, and ships is what I look for in a new Star Wars movie. The new aliens revealed in the Vanity Fair piece as well as the new ships in the trailer are things that are making me a lot more excited for The Last Jedi than I was for the nostalgia retread that was The Force Awakens.