The Last Jedi is NOT a Copy of The Empire Strikes Back


Ever since The Force Awakens was seen by some as a retread of A New Hope, something JJ Abrams admitted to, fans have been scared that The Last Jedi would copy the second Star Wars movie.

So yesterday a troll created a burner Twitter account called “A Concerned Fan” to basically corner and harass Rian Johnson about the concerns that he would just be copying The Empire Strikes Back, and he responded that he wouldn’t spend three years of his life doing that:


While even George Lucas said the Star Wars movies are supposed to rhyme from one trilogy to another, and there will be familiar things in The Last Jedi, the story its telling is very different than The Empire Strikes Back. It’ll be the second chapter of a three act play, and will likely end on a cliffhanger like Empire did, but don’t expect it to completely copy the story like some fans are afraid of.