We’re just a couple of nerds looking to leave our cyber footprint on the interwebz.  Let us know if you’d be interested in joining us!

Current Staff:


Jason Peffley: (Fanboy Staff)
Former Star Wars Galaxies CSR for SOE, and Star Wars fanboy for life.  Embrace the Dark Side.
You can contact me via email furiousfanboys AT gmail DOT com.

Gerri Elder: (Fan Girl)
I try to fix all of the typos. This is my Twitter

Jeremy Conrad: (ManaByte)
Star Wars fanboy, Trekkie, and gamer.  Former IGN.com editor, World of Warcraft Game Master, and Star Wars Galaxies CSR/Expert. Follow him on Twitter or contact him on his personal blog.


Floyd Salazar: (Shooter)
Floyd Salazar is a Colorado native working in a profession where his geekdom is regarded with polite skepticism. In addition to his deep love of genre fiction, Floyd is a bit of a film and lit buff as well as a hobbyist musician. His favorites include BSG (Moore and Eick), All things Whedon, movies by Michael Mann, and music by Joe Satriani and George Winston.  This is his FB page.

Rob Cerio (Kahunah):
Rob was born at an early age, and has since grown much more hair. A fanboy since the age of two when his father brought him to his first Trek convention, he is now determined to prove to his mother-in-law that writing is not just a hobby, but a career. Rob is also currently on the staff of two fan-run conventions, Coast Con and CONtraflow, and can be reached most easily through his facebook page.

Jessie Moore: (DarthTK421)
I hail from a small town in Northern Florida where most of my pastime is spent either playing video games or enjoying science fiction in some form. I’d like to think of myself as an equal opportunity nerd, enjoying all things nerdy. I also have a semi regularly updated blog at marsmagic There you will find my email if you wish to contact me.  Since we are Furious Fanboys, I am a big Star Wars and Red Dwarf Fanboy, but I also enjoy Star Trek as well as other Sci Fi.