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  • Action Comics #1 Review 0 CommentsPosted by on September 7, 2011 under Comics, News, Reviews
    I've gone on record to say that I never really cared for what Grant Morrison did with his run on X-Men, and didn't like his Batman stuff much more. Yet, his All Star Superman is among the best Superman stories ever told and with the DC relaunch he's been tasked to work the same magic with Action Comics. One of the pillars of the entire DC lineup; the comic was (before the relaunch) one of the long... more.
  • 80s Cartoons by J. Scott Campbell 0 CommentsPosted by on September 6, 2011 under Comics, Pics
    If you read comics, you probably have seen J. Scott Campbell's work. From Gen 13 to Danger Girl to numerous covers, his art is very popular with a segment of the comic audience. Here's his awesome tribute to 80s cartoons. How many can you name?... more.
  • DC Relaunch Comics Are Selling Out 0 CommentsPosted by on September 2, 2011 under Comics
    Have you jumped on the DC Comics bandwagon yet? If not, you'd better hurry. The first-printings of many of the big DC New 52 comics have already sold out, with at least Justice League already heading to a second printing and first printing copies of that one being very hard to find. As of this writing the following DC New 52 books have sold out at Diamond's level (the distributor): Justice L... more.
  • Flashpoint #5 Review 0 CommentsPosted by on August 31, 2011 under Comics, Reviews
    If you ask DC fans about recent events the company put on, such as Blackest Night, they'd tell you that they were great but the ending kind of fell flat in comparison to the epic story that came before it. Flashpoint, the event that leads into the company-wide DC Comics relaunch doesn't follow that pattern and has one of the best endings to any big comic crossover in a long time. Picking up imm... more.
  • Justice League #1 Review 0 CommentsPosted by on August 30, 2011 under Comics, News, Reviews
    We're skipping our normal weekly comic rundown this week as not only is it a relatively light week for comics, this week's releases mark the first salvo in the September relaunch of DC comics with the New 52. That means the only DC comics being released on August 31st are Flashpoint #5 and Justice League #1. Written by Geoff Johns and drawn by Jim Lee, it teams up DC's two biggest superstars t... more.
  • Make This Movie, Disney 0 CommentsPosted by on under Comics, Pics
    Disney owns both The Muppets and Marvel now. Unfortunately Fox has the rights to X-Men. Disney needs to find some way to get those rights back so they can make The Great Muppet X-Men Caper a reality.... more.
  • Marvel Artist Flips Out & Quits 0 CommentsPosted by on August 26, 2011 under Comics, News
    Marko Djurdjevic, the Marvel artist with the name you'll never pronounce, is apparently no longer a Marvel artist. At this weekend's Fan Expo in Canada, Djurdjevic flipped out at a Marvel "Team Spirit" panel and apparently quit the company after going off on them. Comic Book Resources was liveblogging the panel, and caught all ... more.
  • ‘DCnU’ Superman Costume Confirmed For The Man of Steel 0 CommentsPosted by on August 25, 2011 under Comics, News
    Back when the first picture of Henry Cavill as Superman was released, people noticed that he crotch area was purposely in shadow. Those who have been following the DC Comics relaunch, believed that he wouldn't have the red trunks. This is partially due to the completely stupid lawsuit going on over the rights to Superman, as well as the fact that the movie will be released nearly two years aft... more.
  • This Week’s Comics 8/24/11 0 CommentsPosted by on August 24, 2011 under Comics, Featured, Reviews
    Cowabunga! The Turtles make their triumphant return to the comic pages, with Kevin Eastman writing the four once again. There's some good Marvel stuff this week as well, but all of that is overshadowed by the return of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles! IDW Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #1 Written by: Kevin Eastman & Tom Waltz Art by: Dan Duncan (Layouts by Kevin Eastman) The Good ... more.
  • First Look at Zod from The Man of Steel 0 CommentsPosted by on August 23, 2011 under Comics, News
    Superman II remains one of the best superhero movies ever thanks to Terence Stamp's performance as General Zod. I still am shocked that he didn't win an Academy Award for such an amazing performance. Well, Zod is returning to the big screen in The Man of Steel with Michael Shannon hopefully demanding tha... more.
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