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  • Green Lantern Soars at Midnight 0 CommentsPosted by on June 17, 2011 under Comics
    How will Green Lantern fare at the box office compared to this summer's other big super hero movies? According to the first grosses from last night's midnight showings; about the same. Box Office Mojo is reporting that Green Lantern pulled in $3.35 million last night. That's $10 million more than Thor did, but $2 million less than X-M... more.
  • 5 Reasons Green Lantern Doesn’t Suck 11 CommentsPosted by on under Comics, Featured, Lists
    Based on the internet, you'd think that Green Lantern was the worst movie since Batman & Robin. Thankfully it isn't. It's one of the most faithful comic-to-screen adaptations ever, and if you read Geoff Johns' awesome run on Green Lantern over the decade; you'll probably really like the movie. Here are a few reasons why Green Lantern definitely does not suck. Sinestro If you're familiar ... more.
  • Green Lantern Review 4 CommentsPosted by on under Comics, News, Reviews
    You're probably hearing bad things about Green Lantern. It's this summer's internet punching bag that every cynical and jaded person on the internet is jumping on to try to look cool. Yet like many big summer blockbusters, Green Lantern will likely be critic proof; especially among fans of the character. While there are some relatively minor changes to the lore from the comic, Green Lantern is one... more.
  • Sesame Street Mocks the Spider-Man Musical 0 CommentsPosted by on June 14, 2011 under Comics, Videos
    You know the much-maligned Spider-Man Broadway musical is a train wreck when even Sesame Street starts to mock it. But in typical Muppet fashion, they mock it with a sense of humor much beyond the target audience of the show. Much like their True Blood spoof, I doubt many preschoolers will get the "it's only our 17th opening night" joke. And the monster playing Bono is also pretty great. Check ... more.
  • Avengers Assemble! 0 CommentsPosted by on under Comics
    A twitter user known as ESQ is attending the Licensing International Expo in Las Vegas and is tweeting out images from the show floor. The coolest thing they've found so far is this promo poster for next year's Avengers movie. Aside from showing Hawkeye and Black Widow as part of the main team, it reveals the redesigned Hulk and modern Captain Ame... more.
  • Cast & Crew Captain America Poster is Super Retro! 0 CommentsPosted by on June 13, 2011 under Comics, News
    This weekend in Hollywood was the LA Times Hero Complex Film Festival. This is a geek's film festival with movies such as Superman, Superman II, Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan, Star Trek 2009, The Incredibles, and both Iron Mans being shown with the directors and some stars showing up. As part of the Hero Complex Film Festival, Marvel unveiled the new Captain America trailer and showed off th... more.
  • The 10 Strangest Green Lanterns 2 CommentsPosted by on June 10, 2011 under Comics, Featured, Lists
    With 3600 sectors of space and a Green Lantern to oversee each one; that's a lot of characters. Naturally when there are so many, and it's set in space, there's really no limit to the type of creature someone can come up with. Over the decades, the Green Lantern Corps has expanded to include some pretty bizarre characters. With the movie coming out next week you may even spot some of these if yo... more.
  • Is This the New Superman? 1 CommentsPosted by on June 9, 2011 under Comics, News
    While the full details on what DC is doing to Superman won't be revealed until this weekend, some interesting images have leaked out showing the Super-family in the upcoming DC reboot. In addition to a Superboy and Supergirl image, comes this one of Superman in a familiar, yet different, costume. It's known that elements of the Superman costume from Action Comics #1 fall under DC's on-going leg... more.
  • First Look at Walking Dead Season 2 2 CommentsPosted by on under Comics, News
    While blurry spy shots of the filming of Walking Dead Season 2 have been leaking out, AMC has released the first official look at some new zombies. The second season is filming right now, most recently on a freeway set with lots of abandoned cars. You can see a spy shot of the set here. The picture released by ... more.
  • Iron Chef 0 CommentsPosted by on under Comics, Pics
    In the tradition of Iron R2, here's another example of Iron Man being awesome. They really should use this guy as the head chef in the new season of Iron Chef America. If he doesn't like what you cook for him, you get a particle blast to the face. ... more.
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