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  • Revan Returning in Star Wars: The Old Republic 0 CommentsPosted by on September 16, 2014 under Gaming, Videos
    In an attempt to lure former players back to The Old Republic, EA has released a new video teasing an upcoming update featuring the return of Revan. The main character of the original Knights of the Old Republic has been a shadowy presence over the game ever since it launched. He was featured in some mid-level quests for the Sith Empire faction, where you actually did see Revan during one cine... more.
  • Microsoft Buys Minecraft Developer Mojang for $2.5 Billion 0 CommentsPosted by on September 15, 2014 under Gaming, News
    Last week a rumor popped up that Microsoft was looking to buy Minecraft developer Mojang for about $2 billion. This morning it's official and they spent even more than originally rumored, a whopping $2.5 billion. “Gaming is a top activity spanning devices, from PCs and consoles to tablets and mobile, with billions of hours spent each year,” said Satya Nadella, CEO, Microsoft. “Minecraft i... more.
  • Microsoft’s Hilarious Way to Advertise Destiny 0 CommentsPosted by on September 5, 2014 under Gaming, News
    Bungie's Destiny is widely considered to be the biggest game release of 2014. So far all of the marketing (except the awesome live-action trailer) has focused on the PlayStation, as Sony signed a marketing deal with Activision for the game. Aside from some exclusive weapons and maps that the PlayStation 4 will have until next fall, the game is actually being released on both systems this Tuesday. ... more.
  • The Destiny Live Action Trailer Should be a Movie! 0 CommentsPosted by on September 4, 2014 under Gaming, News
    Bungie's science fiction epic Destiny is finally hitting consoles next Tuesday and for a final wave of hype they've released an awesome live-action trailer for the game. Featuring perfect costumes, really solid effects, and an awesome soundtrack this is the final tease for the game before everyone can jump in and start leveling their Guardian on the ninth. The production values on this trai... more.
  • 5 Reasons Star Wars Galaxies Deserves a Revival 1 CommentsPosted by on August 22, 2014 under Featured, Gaming, Lists, Star Wars
    When Star Wars Galaxies shut down nearly three years ago, it left a community longing to return to the Star Wars sandbox where they could build their own city, own a ship, join the Empire or Rebellion, and basically live out their life in the galaxy far, far away. While bringing back "Star Wars Galaxies" with that name and exact code is difficult with EA owning the exclusive Star Wars rights and... more.
  • The New Silent Hill Game from Hideo Kojima and Guillermo del Toro Will Star Norman Reedus 0 CommentsPosted by on August 13, 2014 under Gaming, News
    [caption id="attachment_19125" align="aligncenter" width="600"] The Walking Dead's Norman Reedus will be in Silent Hills[/caption] Yesterday following Sony's Gamescom press conference they put up a free interactive "demo" on the PlayStation Network called P.T.. The small game is purposely meant to look like an indie horror game, but if you are able to complete it you're treated to a reveal that... more.
  • Blizzard Will Remember Robin Williams With a World of Warcraft NPC 1 CommentsPosted by on under Gaming, News
    When the world lost Robin Williams on Monday, a lot of people remembered how much he loved everything we did. Aside from being a big anime fan (especially Cowboy Bebop), he was a huge gamer. Everyone knows how he named his daughter Zelda, but he also played Warhammer 40k and was a really big World of Warcraft player. Blizzard is known for memorializing people with NPCs in the MMO, and as Robin... more.
  • How ‘Rise of the Tomb Raider’ Being Xbox Exclusive is History Repeating Itself 0 CommentsPosted by on August 12, 2014 under Gaming, News
    At Gamescom this morning in Germany, Microsoft revealed that Crystal Dynamics upcoming Tomb Raider sequel would be exclusive to Xbox when it releases in Holiday 2015. Immediately console warriors sprung into action attacking Microsoft for "money hatting" Square Enix and berating the company for deciding ... more.
  • The Classic ‘Gold Box’ PC RPGs May Return 0 CommentsPosted by on August 11, 2014 under Gaming, News
    Long-time PC RPG fans will remember the classic "Gold Box" RPGs by Strategic Simulations Inc.. The games, which earned their names due to the gold box they came in, were the closest reproduction of pen-and-paper RPGs on a computer and they defined the Dungeons & Dragons license in the digital realm. These were the games that were the precursors to modern classics such as Baldur's Gate, Icewind Dal... more.
  • Star Trek Online’s Second Expansion Heads to the Delta Quadrant 0 CommentsPosted by on August 7, 2014 under Gaming, News
    Following the addition of the Romulan faction in the first Star Trek Online expansion, players were hoping we'd get the Cardassians in the next one. Not just yet as today Perfect World has announced the second expansion for the long-running Star Trek Online. Titled Delta Rising, the expansion will take players to the Delta Quadrant thirty years after the events of Star Trek: Voyager. They'll ge... more.
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