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  • The Old Republic Jedi Design Diary 0 CommentsPosted by on December 23, 2010 under Gaming, News, Star Wars
    BioWare has put together a Designer Diary focusing on the Jedi Knight and Jedi Counselor classes. Filled with lots of great in-game footage, the video goes over how each class plays. While they won't go into specific story details for the two classes, it does discuss class-specific mechanics such as the "Focus" on the Jedi Knight and how the Counselor uses its Force powers. ... more.
  • Dungeons & Dragons: Daggerdale Announced 1 CommentsPosted by on December 22, 2010 under Gaming, News, Videos
    Atari has announced a new Dungeons & Dragons action RPG for the PC, Xbox Live Arcade, and PlayStation Network titled Daggerdale. It's due sometime in 2011, it promised four player co-op where you select a class and fight your way through the Mines of Tethyamar. Depending on when Neverwinter is released, it's possible that this may... more.
  • Dead Space 2 and PS3 Mass Effect 2 get demos 0 CommentsPosted by on December 21, 2010 under Gaming
    If you're a fan of scifi games, there are demos out today for two of next year's early releases. Dead Space 2's demo is now available on Xbox Live and should be available soon on PSN. It runs about ten minutes, and if you liked the first game there's more to love here, however Isaac is no longer mute and you do hear his newfound voice in the demo. It clocks in at about 1.2 gigabytes. PlayStatio... more.
  • DC Universe Online Officially Set for January 11th! 1 CommentsPosted by on under Comics, Gaming, News
    Yesterday we let you know that Amazon was telling people that DC Universe Online would release on January 11th, and today it's official. IGN UK received confirmation that the game will indeed release on that day as well as feature a $14.99 monthl... more.
  • Oddworld Returns 0 CommentsPosted by on December 20, 2010 under Gaming
    If you've never experienced the Oddworld series of games, now's your chance. All four Oddworld games; Abe's Odyssey, Abe's Exodus, Munch's Odyssey, and Stranger's Wrath are being released this week on the PC in the Oddbox pack. Now, both Abe's games from the PlayStation era have been out on the PC before this but it's the first time that both Munch's Odyssey and Stranger's Wrath are being released... more.
  • DC Universe Online releases January 11th? 1 CommentsPosted by on under Gaming, News
    We really like DCUO with the time we've spent with it in the beta. Its action combat is a breath of fresh air in MMOs and it respects the license greatly. In fact, it's probably the best licensed MMO yet; even more so than LOTRO. As great as the beta is, everyone is wondering when the final game will be out as it was originally delayed from it's November release date to Q1 2011. Well, we may now h... more.
  • A Gamer’s Novel 0 CommentsPosted by on December 18, 2010 under Comics, Gaming
    You're probably wondering "what's a gamer's novel?" Well, I'll not keep you boggling. It's how I (a gamer) look at a novel, or rather how I read it. Just to be clear I am capable of reading only the expiration date on cartons. I have never given novels the attention I have given to the ant crawling under the weight of a crumb. I have only played games with a great amount of involvement and till l... more.
  • DC Universe Online: Iconic Battle Armor (Villains) 0 CommentsPosted by on December 16, 2010 under Comics, Gaming, News
    Yesterday we brought you images of the nine iconic Battle Armors for Heroes in DC Universe Online. Today, it's the Villains turn. Just like with the good guys, the evil doers have nine different armors to choose from, each modeled after a famous villain in the DC universe. There's Joker, Mr. Freeze, Gene... more.
  • DC Universe Online: Iconic Battle Armor (Heroes) 4 CommentsPosted by on December 15, 2010 under Comics, Gaming, News
    Instead of working towards an epic weapon as you would in a game like EverQuest, the ultimate achievement in DCUO is the assembly of your iconic battle armor. Each set of armor is designed after one of the heroes in the DC universe and these are very tough to get. But once you do, you're character will be fighting crime in style. Right now in the DCUO Watchtower there are currently nine suits of t... more.
  • Quake 3 Arena hits Xbox Live 0 CommentsPosted by on under Gaming
    If you have an Xbox 360 and a spare $15 laying around, here's something you must download. Quake 3 Arena Live has been released today, which is a perfect port of the best competitive FPS ever made, and the Xbox 360 version comes complete with thirty-three maps. So for just 1200 MS points you end up getting one of the best FPS games you can hope for on XBLA with enough maps to always have something... more.
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