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  • Tron Evolution Timeline 1 CommentsPosted by on December 6, 2010 under Gaming
    While Tron Legacy won't be out for another couple of weeks, tomorrow is the big Tron day when Daft Punk's soundtrack is released along with the Tron Evolution videogame for just about any platform you could want it on. Tron Evolution is actually a prequel to Tron Legacy and is meant to fill in the gaps between the 1982 original movie and the sequel. With nearly thirty years of time between them, t... more.
  • Back to the Future The Game Trailer! 0 CommentsPosted by on December 3, 2010 under Gaming, News, Videos
    GameTrailers.com has an awesome exclusive today in the form of the first actual gameplay trailer for Telltale's upcoming episodic Back to the Future game, which releases this month. You'll be able to download the first episode later in December, they'll take a break in January, and then the remaining episodes will be available from February into the spring. Check out the trailer below and try to n... more.
  • New details on The Old Republic’s crafting system 0 CommentsPosted by on under Gaming, Star Wars
    BioWare's System Designer Patrick Malott has updated The Old Republic site with a blog entry about Crew Skills, which is the game's crafting system. Specifically he details Armstech this time around, which is how you're going to be able to craft blaster weapons. The blog post details the three levels of crafting quality; Premium, Prototype, and Artifact and it goes into detail in what each of thes... more.
  • BioWare renames the ‘Jedi Wizard’ Advanced Class in ToR 0 CommentsPosted by on under Gaming, Star Wars
    BioWare has decided that the 'Jedi Wizard' name for the Jedi Consular Advanced Class in The Old Republic didn't quite fit just right. So they asked the community to come up with a new name, and they've chosen 'Jedi Sage'. While the two are basically the same, Sage does definitely fit with a Light Side Jedi much better. You can find out more about Advanced Classes in The Old Republic more.
  • More StarCraft II players hit with the Ban Hammer 0 CommentsPosted by on December 1, 2010 under Gaming
    Following an initial run of StarCraft II bannings, Blizzard has dropped the ban hammer once again and cleared out a whole new slew of cheaters. While there are people complaining that Blizzard is banning people cheating in the single-player version of the game, both the single-player and multi-player modes run on Battle.net and the use of maphacks, drophacks, and trainers affect both sides of the ... more.
  • Star Wars: The Old Republic not due before April 2011 0 CommentsPosted by on under Gaming, Star Wars
    While there have been previous rumors of a March release date floating around, EA has confirmed that they are targeting Star Wars: The Old Republic for a Spring 2011 release but it will not be out prior to April 2011. more.
  • Halo: Reach Noble Map Pack Released 0 CommentsPosted by on November 30, 2010 under Gaming, News
    Sick of seeing Call of Duty: Black Ops player cards with images of guys humping pigs (or worse)? Time to fire up Halo: Reach again as Microsoft has released the Noble Map Pack. For 800 MS Points ($10) you get three new maps and a handful of new achievements. Three maps don't seem like much, but one of the maps (Tempest) features Forge support for variants. And for achievement whores there are 250 ... more.
  • Sony engineer talks out of his ass about Lightsabers 5 CommentsPosted by on under Gaming, Star Wars
    Eurogamer has an interview up with SCEA's Software Engineer Anton Mikhailov where he goes off on the upcoming Kinect Star Wars game. He claims that not only was the E3 video faked, but that there is no way that the Xbox 360 Kinect can pull off a lightsaber game. He also promises that if PlayStation Mo... more.
  • The Old Republic Profiles the Sith Pureblood! 0 CommentsPosted by on November 26, 2010 under Gaming, News
    If you're a follower of the Dark Side (and you'd better be!), today's The Old Republic update will get your Sithy juices flowing. Bioware has done an update to their Holonet and added information on a couple of creatures and droids, but most importantly they profiled the awesome Sith Pureblood. These guys are the direct descendants of the... more.
  • Gran Turismo 5 meets Minecraft 0 CommentsPosted by on under Gaming, Pics
    If you don't know what Minecraft is, it's an extremely popular "game" where you're able to create almost anything. Well looks like someone made Gran Turismo 5 in it. Wait a second...that's not Minecraft! That's actually Gran Turismo 5 running on a PlayStation 3. What a disappo... more.
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