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  • Earth from Orion 0 CommentsPosted by on December 5, 2014 under Pics, Space
    This morning NASA performed the first successful flight test of Orion. The new reusable space capsule is the first component of the craft that will take humans to Mars sometime in the 2030s. This was an unmanned mission, just to test it in space, but Orion flew higher than any craft capable of carrying a crew has since Apollo 17. Since this was the first time a spacecraft made to carry humans was ... more.
  • US House of Representatives Edits the ‘Reptilian Alien’ Wikipedia Page 0 CommentsPosted by on July 23, 2014 under News, Space
    Regular listeners to Coast to Coast AM are familiar with David Icke's theory that many of the world leaders are actually reptilian aliens in disguise. It may sound like a plot line out of V, but enough people believe it that there's actually a Wikipedia page for Reptilian Aliens. Obviously people see it as something that only UFO conspiracy theorists would care about, right? Well I guess the U... more.
  • NASA Debunks ‘Knowing’ and ‘2012’ 0 CommentsPosted by on November 14, 2011 under News, Science, Space
    A couple of years ago Dark City director Alex Proyas made a big budget sci-fi movie titled "Knowing" that showed the end of the world. The apocalypse in his doomsday movie was caused by a massive solar flare that wiped out the entire planet in a avalanche of fire. Then Roland Emmerich destroyed the world in "2012" by having a solar flare melt the core of the Earth. Now NASA has completely debunked... more.
  • The White House Denies UFO Coverup (Duh) 0 CommentsPosted by on November 7, 2011 under News, Science, Space
    Responding to a petition demanding the government disclose information about UFOs and aliens, the White House denied that any information was being covered up. Really? And the sheep out there already accept this answer? If people are so willing to swallow whatever the White House tosses in their face, we really are doomed. Here's their more.
  • Astronomers Discover Tatooine 0 CommentsPosted by on September 15, 2011 under News, Science, Space, Star Wars
    Just in time to cash in on the Star Wars Blu-Ray hype, astronomers have discovered a planet that NASA and SETI are calling Tatooine. According to CNN, the planet is 200 light years away in the constellation Cygnus. As it was discovered with the Kelper telescope, it's official name ... more.
  • The Paternity Test Came In 0 CommentsPosted by on July 18, 2011 under Pics, Space
    Something tells me Vader won't be dancing for joy like this guy.... more.
  • Two-Hour Space Shuttle Documentary Narrated by William Shatner 0 CommentsPosted by on July 8, 2011 under News, Space
    In about ten minutes from this posting, the Space Shuttle Atlantis will launch from Kennedy for the final Space Shuttle mission ever. It's the end of an era, and a sad day for space buffs. America will be hitchhikers into space now, hitching a ride on a Russian rocket to the ISS for the next few years. NASA more.
  • Hothead announce Hitchhiker’s Guide game 1 CommentsPosted by on May 26, 2011 under Gaming, News, Space
    If there's a more fitting day to announce something regarding the sheer genius that is The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy I can't think of a better one than Towel Day.  Just yesterday Hothead Games announced they are working on a new game for the franchise. “We’re super excited to be involved with such a lege... more.
  • Endeavor’s Final Mission Poster Spoofs Star Trek 0 CommentsPosted by on May 16, 2011 under Science, Space
    The Space Shuttle Endeavor has launched its final mission, and NASA has decided to tip its hat to Star Trek one last time. With the first Space Shuttle being named Enterprise, after Star Trek fans bombarded NASA with demands, Endeavor's final mission has a Star Trek-inspired poster. The crew poster NASA created fo... more.
  • Aliens Seen Inside UFO Over Turkey 4 CommentsPosted by on April 14, 2011 under News, Space, Videos
    Since 2007, some startling UFO sightings have been happening over Turkey and some great footage of them has been coming out. A couple of years ago, Dr. Robert Leir went out with a camera that had a 200mm lens and an electronic doubler to zoom in on the distant lights in the sky. Lit only by moonlight and the nightvision mode on the camera the familiar UFO from the earlier footage was seen, only th... more.
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