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  • Amazing Skyrim Trailer Posted by on October 25, 2011 under Gaming, News, Videos
    The fifth Elder Scrolls is finally going to be out in just a couple of weeks, and today Bethesda unleashed an awesome live-action trailer for Skyrim. It looks a lot like Game of Thrones, so much so if you didn't know better you'd think that they used the Game of Thrones sets as a backdrop for it. But if you're going to make a live action trailer for what is easily the biggest fantasy game in a lon... more.
  • FFXIV to Infest Xbox 360 and PS3 Posted by on October 24, 2011 under Gaming, News
    Now that Square is set to begin charging players to access one of the worst MMOs ever made, they've set their sights to terrorize console gamers. In an interview with RPG Site, Square's FFXIV producer rea... more.
  • Obi-Wan Tells the Truth Posted by on under Pics, Star Wars
    Ever wonder what A New Hope would be like if Obi-Wan actually told Luke the truth, and not the truth hidden from a "certain point of view"? Luke probably would've used his new lightsaber to chop up the old man right there.... more.
  • Blizzard’s Anti-TOR Weapon is FREE Diablo III Posted by on under Gaming, News
    It's been known that EA held off on announcing The Old Republic's release date out of the fear that Blizzard would do something to counter it, and now that the date has been announced; Blizzard did just that. In a pretty brilliant plan to keep existing World of Warcraft subscribers in the light of a major competit... more.
  • The Fourth WoW Expansion is Kung Fu Panda Posted by on under Gaming, News
    This weekend at Blizzcon in Anaheim, Blizzard revealed the fourth World of Warcraft expansion; and it finally adds the Pandaran race. What started as a Christmas card drawing, became an April Fool's joke in Warcraft III and then an actual neutral hero in the War III expansion; the Pandas have been a fan favorite in Warcraft for years and something people have wanted in WoW since launch. Blizzard w... more.
  • Podcast #2: Batman Special Posted by on October 22, 2011 under Podcast
    You can download the podcast here or stream it from our podcast channel here. We decided to do a Batman special this week because of all the exclusive stuff being released for the Dark Knight. We go over the new game Batman: ... more.
  • No Star Wars? No love Posted by on under Pics, Star Wars
    This reminds me of a date I went on once where I had totally hit it off with the girl.  Sometime after Sushi I asked her if she liked Star Wars.  The answer was no, and that was our one and only date.  I need to know there is a fraction of a possibility that my future wife will dress up as slave Leia at least once.... more.
  • Occupy Mordor Posted by on October 21, 2011 under Pics
    Well, when we posted that Luke Skywalker parody of Occupy Wall Street we said it would be the first in a long line of geek-related parodies. This Lord of the Rings one is probably the best, as it's really the only one with a saying that stays true to the source material. ... more.
  • Fox to Ruin The Punisher Posted by on under Comics, News
    The Hulk isn't the only Marvel character headed to the small screen. Deadline revealed today that Fox is developing an hour-long Punisher series. It's being developed by the show-runner of Crim... more.
  • 5 Transformers We Want in Transformers 4 & 5 Posted by on under Featured, Lists
    With the recent news that Paramount wants more Transformers movies pretty quick, fans are obviously wish-listing what bots they want to see in the new movies. With so many major characters on both the Autobot and Decepticon sides killed by the end of Dark of the Moon, it opens the next movies to introducing some new Transformers. Here are five that will get us super excited to see on the big scr... more.
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