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  • Who Thought This TMNT Poster Was a Good Idea? Posted by on July 29, 2014 under Pics
    [caption id="attachment_18923" align="aligncenter" width="600"] W.T.F.?[/caption]In what is perhaps the worst poster date/art combination in history comes this international TMNT poster that Paramount Australia released this morning. After it began to go viral and people complained about the imagery with a September 11th date, Paramount deleted their tweet with the poster. ... more.
  • Thanos Isn’t in ‘Age of Ultron’, He’s the ‘Next Big Thing’ Posted by on under Comics, News
    [caption id="attachment_18919" align="aligncenter" width="600"] Thanos is in Guardians of the Galaxy, its sequel, and Avengers 3 but not Age of Ultron[/caption]This weekend's Marvel panel as the San Diego Comic Con has sparked even more confusion over the future of Thanos and the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Due to Josh Brolin showing up at the end of the panel, to officially confirm he's Thanos in ... more.
  • The Hobbit: The Battle of The Five Armies Teaser Trailer Posted by on July 28, 2014 under News
    [caption id="attachment_18914" align="aligncenter" width="600"] The first trailer for the final Hobbit movie is here...[/caption]This weekend at San Diego Comic Con, Peter Jackson unveiled the first trailer for the third Hobbit movie The Battle of Five Armies. Following the release of a shortened version of the Comic Con Mad Max trailer, Warner Brothers has released the Hobbit teaser online. Pr... more.
  • Rian Johnson on Star Wars: ‘There was something really beautiful about the prequels’ Posted by on under News, Star Wars
    While everyone is heavily focused on the on-going production of Star Wars Episode VII, it seems like Lucasfilm is wasting no time getting things ready for Episode VIII. Rian Johnson has been in San Francisco doing early work on Episode VIII, and Skyped into a taping of Filmspotting that the more.
  • The Original Wasp Appears in Ant Man Posted by on under Comics, News
    When it was revealed at Marvel's San Diego Comic Con panel that Evangeline Lilly was playing Hope Van Dyne in Ant Man, comic fans wondered if this meant we wouldn't see Janet Van Dyne in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The Wasp has been a long-time member of The Avengers along with Ant Man, and Joss Whedon even had her in a... more.
  • SDCC 2014: Download the Age of Ultron Concept Art Poster in High-Res Posted by on July 27, 2014 under Comics
    Over the course of San Diego Comic Con, Marvel was unveiling a large piece of Age of Ultron concept art featuring all of the Avengers fighting off Ultron's Iron Legion. Once all of the pieces were revealed, we were just waiting for a nice super high-resolution version to make desktops of, and now it's arrived. You can click on the link below to download a massively high-resolution version of th... more.
  • SDCC 2014: The Epic Mad Max Fury Road First Look Trailer Posted by on under News
    While Warner Brothers rocked Hall H at San Diego Comic Con yesterday by starting off with Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, they followed it up by blowing people away with the first footage of Mad Max Fury Road. Perhaps due to the amazing response to the footage, Warner Brothers has officially released the first look trailer for everyone to check out. This looks to be one of the biggest movie... more.
  • SDCC 2014: Marvel Announces a Release Date for Guardians of the Galaxy 2 Posted by on July 26, 2014 under Comics, News
    Marvel has just finished their annual San Diego Comic Con Hall H panel, and unlike previous years they didn't announce a lineup for the upcoming Phase 3 of movies. Focusing on Ant Man and Age of Ultron, they showed footage from both but ended with one new announcement. We knew from earlier in the Con that Guardians of the Galaxy 2 was official, and via a recorded message at the end of the panel... more.
  • SDCC 2014: Wonder Woman Revealed! Posted by on under Comics, Pics
    Following the debut at the Warner Brothers Hall H panel, the studio has released an official high-resolution photo of Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman. The costume looks pretty damn perfect, and everyone complaining about her casting should be eating crow now!... more.
  • SDCC 2014: Warner Brothers Reveals Batman V Superman to Hall H Posted by on under Comics, News
    As expected, Warner Brothers surprised Hall H at San Diego Comic Con by revealing a short teaser trailer for Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice. It was very short, opening in the rain with Batman standing on a rooftop. A fanboy dream came true when it was revealed that Batman wasn't wearing his batsuit, but the Frank Miller armor from The Dark Knight Returns. He uncovers a Batsignal, and lights... more.
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