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  • UFOs have been messing with our nukes Posted by on September 24, 2010 under Space
    This coming Monday at the National Press Club in Washington DC, six former USAF nuclear launch officers and their retired commander will testify that UFOs have been tampering with the US's arsenal of nuclear weapons as recently as 2003. This is the second time such a gathering happened at the National Press Club, the previous one was in 2007 and can be found online as "The Disclosure Project". more.
  • StarCraft II Patched – The screams you hear are Terran players Posted by on September 23, 2010 under Gaming
    Blizzard has deployed the long-awaited 1.1.0 patch for StarCraft II, which fixes numerous balance issues and drops a massive Nerf Bat on the hopes and dreams of Terran players. You can read the full patch notes here, but here's the juicy bits: Balance Changes: • PROTOSS • Zealot • Build time increased from 33 to ... more.
  • Sesame Street + True Blood = Whaaat? Posted by on under Videos
    Sometimes there's a video on the 'net that just makes you wonder. In this case, it's a clip from the upcoming season of Sesame Street where they parody True Blood. Yes this is very real. A pre-school targeted puppet show is spoofing a show that the kids probably would never be allowed to see. Whoever came up with this bizarre combination is an absolutely twisted...genius. This is honestly better t... more.
  • Star Wars Rocks Wallpaper Posted by on under Pics
    Hugh Fleming's Star Wars Rocks painting is by far one of the best pieces of Star Wars art ever created. It's so awesome, ILM has a copy hung up in their offices. If you've ever wanted to bless your desktop with the artwork, we have you covered. Below you'll find a copy of the painting for your desktop resolution: Widescreen more.
  • The Star Trek: Insurrection that almost was Posted by on under News
    Prior to his passing in 2005 Star Trek writer Michael Piller was working on a book detailing the writing of Star Trek: Insurrection. Paramount didn't allow the book to be released, but what Piller had written before his death is now online thanks to TrekCore. The book is fascinating for any Star Trek fan and especially fans of The Next Generation. The book includes multiple story drafts that g... more.
  • Star Wars: Live Action Series Still On Back Burner Posted by on September 22, 2010 under News, Star Wars, Videos
    Remember how Duke Nukem Forever teased us for like 15 years before they finally decided to announce a release date?  For some reason, I have a feeling it will be the same with the Star Wars live action... more.
  • Tron Legacy 3D preview at elecTRONica Posted by on under News
    We've told you in the past how Disney is transforming part of Disney California Adventure into elecTRONica starting October 8th, and now Disney has confirmed that there will be a 3D preview of Tron Legacy there. As elecTRONica takes over the Hollywood Pictures Backlot area... more.
  • C3PO to take a Starspeeder ride in Star Tours 2.0? Posted by on under News
    This past weekend there was a small gathering of Disney theme park enthusiasts in Anaheim called Mechanized Magic. Focusing on the animatronic figures used in Disney rides, the small convention was really for those who can tell the difference between and A-10 and A-100 animatronic figure. At Mechanized Magic, a MAPO (the old name for the construction arm of Imagineering) retiree mentioned that C3P... more.
  • Midichlorian Rhapsody Posted by on under Star Wars, Videos
    What do you get when you combine the story of Anakin Skywalker as told in the prequels and Queen? Midichlorian Rhapsody is one of those just perfect Star Wars parody songs, and watching the music video below actually makes me want to fire up the prequels and watch them again. When was the last time something made you want to actually sit though the Prequels? The lyrics are perfect and you get the ... more.
  • Tron Legacy is rated PG Posted by on under News
    Tron Legacy has apparently received its rating and it looks to be PG. What does this mean? Well it means that despite the action shown in the trailers, the movie shouldn't depart too far from the original in terms of tone. It also means that it's complete enough for the MPAA to have viewed it and watched it, which means there's some lucky people out there who have seen the full version of the new ... more.
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