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  • Get Dead Space Ignition for free with Dead Space 2 pre-order Posted by on October 11, 2010 under Gaming, News
    EA's Dead Space was an excellent sci-fi game. And probably the best "Alien" game ever made. The game recreated the gritty-lived in sci-fi environment that made Alien so great, and tossed in the "oh crap what was that" style scares you'd expect from a sci-fi/horror movie. Well, the sequel is coming out in January and EA has announced that if you pre-order it, you'll get the downloadable prequel for... more.
  • Tron Night 2010 is coming Posted by on under News
    Disney has announced an "Avatar Day" style event called Tron Night 2010 on October 28th in select IMAX theaters. You'll be able to snag free tickets to the event starting tomorrow at 1:00pm Eastern time via this site. The event will feature a 20-minute preview of the movie, just like Avatar Day. And just like Avatar Day, the tickets will likely sell out to s... more.
  • Tron Legacy 3D preview at elecTRONica Posted by on under News, Reviews
    Despite Disney's claims to the contrary, the nine-minute "exclusive" 3D preview of Tron Legacy that they are showing at California Adventure isn't really new or exclusive. Aside from one or two very small changes, it's essentially the same footage Disney showed thousands of people at the San Diego Comic Con in July, but that doesn't take away from how awesome it is. Disney is showing the nine-min... more.
  • 25 Entertaining Star Trek Demotivational Posters Posted by on October 9, 2010 under Featured, Lists
    If you came here looking to buy Star Trek Posters, we have those too.  Just follow the link. When trekkies take a stab at... more.
  • The Ford Is Strong With This Ranger Posted by on October 8, 2010 under Pics, Star Wars
    Imagine what it's like picking up a date in this?  "Hey baby, my ride is out back.  She's got 4 cylinders, fuel injection, and will force choke any newbs who cut us off."... more.
  • Peter Jackson says, ‘You can’t believe everything you read.’ Posted by on under News
    Despite somewhat concrete reports from the NY and LA Times regarding The Hobbit, Peter Jackson says they do not yet have a greenlight. Jackson spoke with Empire and actually revealed a lot about what's going on with The Hobbit, including confirming that while they haven't received a greenlight to start; he's... more.
  • The Old Republic reveals Ilum Posted by on under Gaming, Star Wars
    Today's Friday update from Star Wars: The Old Republic reveals the planet Ilum. What's the big deal about Ilum? Well, it's the planet where the Jedi harvest their Lightsaber crystals. Naturally in this game where the conflict is between the Jedi and Sith, such a planet would be the site of battles and it looks like that's exactly the case in the game. You can check out concept art and screenshots ... more.
  • Bizzard has heard the cries of Zerg players Posted by on under Gaming
    If you play Zerg in Starcraft II, you know when you see that your opponent is Terran you have two choices. One, you can just surrender. Or two, you can let them beat the crap out of you until you're forced to surrender. Well, Blizzard has heard the cries of Zerg players and are planning a patch to buff the swarm to be a bit more competitiv... more.
  • Disney’s elecTRONica kicks off tonight Posted by on under News
    If you're a Tron fan and live in Southern California, there's only one destination for you this weekend. Beginning tonight (October 8th) at 6:00pm at Disney's California Adventure, elecTRONica kicks off! The transformation of the Hollywood Pictures Backlot area will be in full "Tron" mode every Friday through Sunday this fall through the release of Tron Legacy this December. elecTRONica runs those... more.
  • Avatar Extended Collector’s Edition Trailer Posted by on October 7, 2010 under News, Videos
    Check out a trailer for the upcoming Extended Collector's Edition of Avatar. The trailer features almost completely new footage from the three-hour extended cut of Avatar; including a clip of Na'vi sex! The three-disc set releases November 16th, and you can get the full details on it in our original story about it right more.
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