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  • Check out the new ‘Battlestar Galactica’ MMORPG Posted by on June 12, 2010 under Gaming, News, Videos
    If you're a Battlestar Galactica fan then this is something you're going to want to check out. NBC Universal has released a trailer for what appears so far to be an awesome looking game. Of course you can't really see any gameplay, but just the same, we think the fans will appreciate this. The game, which will be playable through a Web browser, is being developed by more.
  • The Force Unleashed 2 Cinematic Trailer Has Arrived Posted by on under Featured, News, Videos
    This is the new trailer for The Force Unleashed 2, which was just released at E3. Starkiller's force powers are truly ridiculous in this game. The Apprentice is faced with the ultimate betrayal at the hands of Darth Vader. ... more.
  • Transformers 3 villain revealed Posted by on June 11, 2010 under News
    USA Today has an article up where they speak to Michael Bay regarding Transformers 3, and he reveals who the villain in the end of the trilogy will be: "Shockwave, the robot cyclops-turned-laser-cannon, who became dictator of their home world of Cybertron after the other Autobots and Decept... more.
  • The 10 Best Superhero Movies Posted by on under Comics, Featured, Lists
    Ever since Richard Donner directed Superman in 1978, Superhero movies have always been big. While Marvel didn’t really hit it big until the late 90’s with Bryan Singer’s X-Men, DC was there with the Supes and Batman movies. Now, more than thirty years after Donner’s Superman there are tons of superhero movies. But what are the ten best? Here we go… Superman (1978) Richard Donne... more.
  • X-Futurama Posted by on under Comics, Pics
    By *gottabecarl A friend of mine suggested one day that it would be cool to see the characters of Futurama as X-Men and so I drew him Fry as Cyclops. For some reason I couldn't just stop there...and what came of it was a pretty extensive illustration with some of the most obscure characters from both the X-Men and... more.
  • 10 Comic Characters That Need to See the Big Screen Posted by on under Comics, Featured, Lists
    Anyone awake during the 2000s will tell you, comic adaptations have become a tremendous fad as of late. Despite the wide succession of comic book inspired flicks released each year, Hollywood has only begun to tap the medium’s potential. We’re counting down the 10 comic characters that producers have overlooked for cinematic consideration. Guyver Yes, we know that the bio-boos... more.
  • Indy Watch: This week’s rumors were…false Posted by on June 10, 2010 under News
    Earlier this week, the normally reliable Stuff.co.nz posted a very cool Indy 5 rumor. Well, today the Indy producer Frank Marshall took to Twitter to deny that they would begin shooting next year: "The rumor about INDY 5 is completely false. Nothing has cha... more.
  • First look at Thor from the set Posted by on under Comics, News, Videos
    Entertainment tonight has posted online a set visit/interview clip from the set of Thor, which gives us our first looks at bits of the movie. See Thor himself, Natalie Portman, and a quick clip of Anthony Hopkins in his Odin costume. It runs just over four minutes and you can check it out below. ... more.
  • The most adorable stormtrooper you will see today Posted by on under Pics
    Usually the words "cute" and "stormtrooper" shouldn't be combined.  I think we can make an exception today though.... more.
  • INCEPTION (Behind the Scenes) Posted by on June 9, 2010 under Videos
    If you've watched the first Inception trailer but really didn't know what to take from it, then you might like this. Dom Cobb (Leonardo DiCaprio) is a skilled thief, the absolute best in the dangerous art of extraction, stealing valuable secrets from deep within the subconscious during the dream state, when the mind i... more.
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