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  • 10 of the Most Influential Jedi Posted by on December 3, 2010 under Featured, Lists, Star Wars
    We've given the villains their due, but now it's time for the Light Side of the Force to shine. We've poured over the holocrons and whittled down the list to the ten greatest Light Side Jedi in the Star Wars mythos. From games, comics, novels, to the movies; these are the ten best Jedi out there. Luke Skywalke... more.
  • Back to the Future The Game Trailer! Posted by on under Gaming, News, Videos
    GameTrailers.com has an awesome exclusive today in the form of the first actual gameplay trailer for Telltale's upcoming episodic Back to the Future game, which releases this month. You'll be able to download the first episode later in December, they'll take a break in January, and then the remaining episodes will be available from February into the spring. Check out the trailer below and try to n... more.
  • New details on The Old Republic’s crafting system Posted by on under Gaming, Star Wars
    BioWare's System Designer Patrick Malott has updated The Old Republic site with a blog entry about Crew Skills, which is the game's crafting system. Specifically he details Armstech this time around, which is how you're going to be able to craft blaster weapons. The blog post details the three levels of crafting quality; Premium, Prototype, and Artifact and it goes into detail in what each of thes... more.
  • BioWare renames the ‘Jedi Wizard’ Advanced Class in ToR Posted by on under Gaming, Star Wars
    BioWare has decided that the 'Jedi Wizard' name for the Jedi Consular Advanced Class in The Old Republic didn't quite fit just right. So they asked the community to come up with a new name, and they've chosen 'Jedi Sage'. While the two are basically the same, Sage does definitely fit with a Light Side Jedi much better. You can find out more about Advanced Classes in The Old Republic more.
  • I’m feeling lucky Posted by on December 2, 2010 under Pics, Star Wars
    Where was Google when Obi Wan used his Jedi mind tricks against us?... more.
  • Mondo’s ‘Han Shot First’ on sale today Posted by on under Star Wars
    Mondo, makers of awesome geek posters and prints, is putting their latest Star Wars print on sale today (at a random time). Clocking in at a cool $50, 'Han Shot First' is Florian Bertmer and has a limited run of 400. The poster focuses on Greedo, but you can find the entire Mos Eisley Cantina represented around him. It's seriously cool, and if you want a shot at one; keep refreshing more.
  • Craig Ferguson’s awesome Doctor Who tribute Posted by on under News, Videos
    Matt Smith was on Craig Ferguson the other night and as most Yanks are unfamiliar with the good Doctor outside some PBS airings over the years; they put together an awesome musical opening to the show to explain to people just what Doctor Who is. Unfortunately CBS was unable to obtain the rights to the theme song from the BBC, so the opening was never aired. Thanks to the internet and Youtube, eve... more.
  • Five minutes from Space Battleship Yamato! Posted by on under News
    I'm not the biggest anime fan, but I sure do love Starblazers. I remember having a small toy Yamato when I was younger and it was the coolest thing ever. The live action Space Battleship Yamato movie is now open in Japan, and below you can check out a five-minute scene from the movie. And it isn't just any five-minute scene, it's the launch of the Yamato! It looks awesome, the effects are surprisi... more.
  • Obi-Wan Kenobi in jail for aggravated assault Posted by on under Star Wars
    Not the real Obi-Wan, just some guy who got really drunk. MSNBC has the story of a guy in Pennsylvania who seriously beat who he claimed was once his best friend. When confronted by the cops he said he was Obi-Wan Kenobi and on a mission to kill all evil. Obi-Wan beating up his former best friend? Sounds just like the plot t... more.
  • More StarCraft II players hit with the Ban Hammer Posted by on December 1, 2010 under Gaming
    Following an initial run of StarCraft II bannings, Blizzard has dropped the ban hammer once again and cleared out a whole new slew of cheaters. While there are people complaining that Blizzard is banning people cheating in the single-player version of the game, both the single-player and multi-player modes run on Battle.net and the use of maphacks, drophacks, and trainers affect both sides of the ... more.
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