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  • NYCC is Now Bigger Than SDCC (For Now) Posted by on October 13, 2014 under Comics, News
    Think the suffocating crowds at the San Diego Comic Con make it the biggest comic convention in the US? As hellish as SDCC may be, it no longer can boast having the highest attendance. Due to the size of the San Diego Convention Center, Comic Con International caps out SDCC tickets at 130,000. That's why it takes murder just to get your hands on a pass every year. Last year New York Comic Con s... more.
  • Daredevil Revealed at NYCC Posted by on under Comics, Pics
    This weekend at New York Comic Con, we got our first look at the Netflix Daredevil series. As expected, they did reveal a costume, but not the one everyone was expecting. Instead of showing off the famous red costume, Marvel revealed Matt Murdock's makeshift black costume that's almost identical to the one Frank Miller drew in Man Without Fear #4. Obviously he'll have a more familiar costume later... more.
  • New Evidence Gives Weight to That MAJOR Star Wars Episode VII Spoiler Posted by on October 10, 2014 under News, Star Wars
    Prior to beginning this story I need to stress to you how major of a spoiler this is. This is not only a major plot surprise in Star Wars Episode VII, but it also reveals pretty much how the movie ends and what the overall theme of Episodes VIII and IX will be. This is perhaps the biggest and most shocking spoiler for Star Wars Episode VII. IF YOU DO NOT WANT TO KNOW HOW STAR WARS EPISODE VII EN... more.
  • LEGO Batman Theatrical Movie Coming Posted by on under Comics, News
    Even though there have already been several cheap direct-to-video LEGO Batman and DC superhero movies, it sounds like Warner is ready to take the franchise to the big screen. Building off the success of The LEGO Movie (where Batman was a character), The Hollywood Reporter says Warner is developing ... more.
  • Marvel Teases ‘No More Mutants’ Posted by on under Comics, Pics
    The on-going drama between Marvel and Fox over the Fantastic Four and X-Men licenses is starting to become pretty well known among comic fans. It's pretty much confirmed now that Marvel will be putting Fantastic Four on a long hiatus (or cancellation) beginning very soon, but now it looks like they may be doing the same with the mutants. more.
  • Could Marvel Actually Be Doing a ‘New 52′ Style Reboot With May’s New ‘Secret Wars’? Posted by on under Comics, News
    Last night at New York Comic Con Marvel made their "biggest announcement of 2014" at the Avengers Station in NYC. While some thought it could be an announcement of the new Avengers trailer, or even Spider-Man returning to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, this major announcement was for a new Secret Wars event that will begin next May. The Alex Ross artwork Marvel released for the event (above) ha... more.
  • Gallery: See Professor Zoom Fighting The Flash Posted by on October 9, 2014 under Comics, Pics
    Fans of The Flash likely noticed the quick cameo of the yellow-clad Professor Zoom in this week's premiere of The Flash, and it looks like we'll see him in action this season on the show. Grant Gustin News on Tumblr found these shots of the Reverse Flash beating the crap out of Barry Allen ... more.
  • The Teaser Trailer for Tomorrowland is Here! Posted by on under News
    When Disney moved Star Wars Episode VII to December 18, 2015 they quickly slotted Brad Bird's Tomorrowland into the vacated May 22, 2015 release date. Since then some had wondered if Bird's optimistic fantasy would fit in well with the bombastic summer blockbuster season, and now we have our first look at it. Released following the New York Comic Con panel for the movie, the teaser gives us our... more.
  • ABC Will Air Star Wars: Rebels Spark of Rebellion With Darth Vader Scene! Posted by on under News, Star Wars
    A couple of days ago a rumor came out from a New York Times writer who said that Disney would be airing the Star Wars Rebels premiere movie on ABC with an additional Darth Vader scene. Today the Official Site confirmed the news, and James Earl Jones will return: T... more.
  • The New Ghostbusters Will Be a Full Reboot Posted by on under News
    Yesterday's revelation that the third Ghostbusters movie has a writer joining Paul Feig on the movie has naturally raised questions on how it'll fit in with the franchise canon. Would it exist in the same universe with the first two movies, and the all-female team open their own Ghostbusters franchise? Or will it be a true reboot, more like a remake? It looks like it's the latter. Speaking to <... more.
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