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  • Sony Killed Marvel’s Plans for Spider-Man in Captain America: Civil War Posted by on December 9, 2014 under Comics, News
    For a long time there have been rumors of some kind of deal between Sony and Marvel to allow Spider-Man to play in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Marvel's recent announcement of Civil War only fired up these rumors as Spidey played a big part in that story. Now it appears that there were talks between Sony and Marvel to not only allow Spider-Man to appear in the next Captain America movie, but ... more.
  • Star Wars: Dark Disciple Cover Revealed Posted by on under Pics, Star Wars
    Set following The Clone Wars, the fifth book in the New Star Wars Canon will be Christie Golden's Dark Disciple. Featuring Voss and Ventress, the story should be required reading for those who like to speculate about Asajj being a villain in Episode VII. The Official Site revealed the cover today, and the boo... more.
  • Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Will Tie-In With Age of Ultron Posted by on under Comics, News
    Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. is quickly becoming not only one of the best comic shows on television, but also the center of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Everyone remembers how Captain America: The Winter Soldier affected the show, and it's even tying into Guardians of the Galaxy now with the introduction of the Inhumans and their Kree origins. In an interview with more.
  • SyFy Planning Superman Prequel Series Krypton Posted by on under Comics, News
    Of the four big DC comics series on television right now, Gotham left my DVR pretty quickly. From the strange changes to characters (Dent is supposed to be the same age as Bruce) to the creepy serial-killer-in-training Bruce Wayne, the series just sucks. Thanks to Netflix paying more than $1 million per episode for streaming rights, Fox is keeping the around and that's making others think that DC ... more.
  • Those Mad About the Episode VII Lightsaber Don’t Know What They’re Mad About Posted by on December 8, 2014 under News, Star Wars
    Ever since The Force Awakens teaser was revealed people have been swearing off the movie due to a lightsaber. I'm not kidding you. I've actually seen people say they will not watch Episode VII because the "cross-guard" lightsaber ruined the movie for them. People who don't even know the context behind something seen in one second of a teaser trailer are refusing to see a movie because of it. So... more.
  • Mark Hamill Will Return as The Trickster in The Flash! Posted by on under Comics, News
    Star Wars and The Flash fans remember the great 90s series based on the comic partially due to how Mark Hamill played The Trickster in it. The series, which again was pretty great, was the victim of bad scheduling and died quickly on CBS, but the makers of the excellent new CW series haven't forgotten of it at all. They've already cast the original Flash as Barry's father in the series, and now Ma... more.
  • George Lucas Hasn’t Seen The Force Awakens Trailer Posted by on under News, Star Wars
    Here's a story you're likely to see spun by the George Lucas haters who infest the internet. You know, the ones who believe that Lucas is so hated that they have to make flimsy documentaries without any supporting evidence to back up their displeasure that Star Wars didn't grow up with them, but remained a kids movie with the Prequels. This poor, messed up, crowd is so delusional that they'll try ... more.
  • It’ll Be Thanos vs. Everyone in Avengers: Infinity War Posted by on under Comics, News
    When Marvel decided to focus on the Infinity Stones and truly introduce Thanos to audiences in Guardians of the Galaxy, comic fans knew what they were building up to. While those who don't read comics were trying to convince you that they were big game scoop hunters who bagged a "World War Hulk" elephant for Avengers 3, everyone else was starting to get hyped for seeing the Infinity Gauntlet saga ... more.
  • A 9/11 Truther Will Not Be Directing Star Trek 3 Posted by on December 5, 2014 under News
    Not long ago it was assumed that Roberto Orci would be writing and directing the third Star Trek movie for Paramount, which the studio wants out in 2016 for the franchise's 50th anniversary. Now it seems like he wont' be directing the movie at all, but will still receive a producer credit on it. Deadline is reporting t... more.
  • Earth from Orion Posted by on under Pics, Space
    This morning NASA performed the first successful flight test of Orion. The new reusable space capsule is the first component of the craft that will take humans to Mars sometime in the 2030s. This was an unmanned mission, just to test it in space, but Orion flew higher than any craft capable of carrying a crew has since Apollo 17. Since this was the first time a spacecraft made to carry humans was ... more.
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