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  • Blade Runner 2 is the Search for Deckard 0 CommentsPosted by on November 25, 2014 under News
    We're definitely going to see Ridley Scott direct Prometheus 2, but another science fiction sequel is coming that he won't be doing. In an article about Exodus Gods & Kings, Variety reveals that Ridley Scott won't be directing Blade Runner 2. But the big news is what the movie is abou... more.
  • The Blade Runner 2 Script is Complete 0 CommentsPosted by on August 26, 2014 under News
    While many people were expecting the Prometheus sequel to be made after Ridley Scoot does "The Martian", it's possible the Blade Runner sequel could be done first. Ridley Scott told Entertainment Weekly that the Blade Runner sequel is written: “It’s written and it’s damn good,... more.
  • The Millennium Falcon in Blade Runner 1 CommentsPosted by on January 21, 2013 under Pics, Star Wars
    If you’re a hardcore Star Wars or Blade Runner fan who studies all of the behind the scenes stuff on both, you may already know this. For everyone else, prepare to have your mind blown. Did you know the Millennium Falcon was in the Blade Runner skyline? Not as a flying car in the background, but as a building! They actually modified a Millennium Falcon model as a building model, and it ca... more.
  • Ridley Scott is Directing the New Blade Runner 0 CommentsPosted by on November 7, 2011 under News
    Back in August, it was revealed that Ridley Scott would be returning to the Blade Runner universe in some form; but it wasn't known if he would actually be directing the new movie. Now Scott has more.
  • Ridley Scott Returns to Blade Runner 0 CommentsPosted by on August 18, 2011 under News
    Are you excited about Ridley Scott returning to the Alien universe with Prometheus? Well, how does him doing a new Blade Runner sound? Deadline is reporting that he will direct and produce a new Blade Runner. They don't know yet if it'll be a sequel or a prequel to the origin... more.
  • 10 Science Fiction Games Every Fanboy Should Play 9 CommentsPosted by on February 2, 2011 under Featured, Gaming, Lists
    We all play videogames, but what are the best science fiction-themed games that a fanboy should know and love? Below we've drilled the list down to the ten best franchises across all platforms. It doesn't matter if you're a PC or console gamer, there's something here for you and they're all good. The Mass Effect Trilogy BioWare's more.
  • 5 Great Sci-Fi Movies That Would Be Great Games 8 CommentsPosted by on November 16, 2010 under Featured, Gaming, Lists
    Name the last great sci-fi game you played. Mass Effect? Yea, pretty good. Metal Gear Solid 4? Yea, ok, but 19 hours worth of cutscenes put a damper on our need to shoot other in the face. Star Wars: The Force Unleashed? Ok, fun—but placing enemies that somehow nullified our trusty lightsaber was kinda jarring. Fallout 3? Eh, Arguable—not the quality of the game, but if its’ true sci-... more.
  • The Fanboy Manifesto, Part 1 – The Movies 7 CommentsPosted by on July 23, 2010 under Featured, Lists
    So you consider yourself a fanboy, do you? But have you been educated in the real classics? The media that makes a fanboy, well, a fanboy? In this on-going feature we'll point out the biggest movies, tv shows, etc. that any red-blooded fanboy wouldn't be caught dead without knowing. These are the core of a fanboy's being. Without these, a fanboy is nothing. Part 1, the movies. The Star War... more.

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