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  • George Lucas Has Now Seen The Force Awakens Teaser 0 CommentsPosted by on January 19, 2015 under News, Star Wars
    Remember back in December when George Lucas said he hadn't seen the trailer for The Force Awakens? Well it seems like he finally caught it in a theater as The Maker has now seen the teaser. Talking to Page ... more.
  • No, Star Wars Isn’t Secretly Racist 1 CommentsPosted by on September 8, 2014 under News, Star Wars
    It's a dark time for film blogs who rely on Star Wars click bait to finance their expensive Mondo poster collections. Likely due to the number of leaks that happened a couple of Fridays ago, the Mystery Box has slammed shut cutting film blogs off of juicy Star Wars scoops that they need for a lucrative traffic bump. As such they've resulted in trying to stir up any sort of Star Wars controversy th... more.
  • More on the Star Wars Episode VII Disney Executive Breakfast 2 CommentsPosted by on April 22, 2014 under News, Star Wars
    This weekend word came out about a very exclusive meal Disney would be hosting this Thursday for their executives, George Lucas, and key members of the original Star Wars trilogy cast. With filming of the movie so close to beginning (the Abu Dhabi filming is second unit), many people see significance to this gathering as it could signify a larger announcement is imminent. Yesterday Lucasfilm de... more.
  • Win Dinner With George Lucas…For Only $8.5k 0 CommentsPosted by on September 23, 2011 under Star Wars
    How'd you like to sit down for dinner with George Lucas, Francis Ford Coppola, John Lasseter, and Chris Colombus? If you have about $9,000...you can! Lucasfilm is talking part in the Stand Up to Cancer charity by holding an auction on eBay, and the dream dinner is one of the big tickets. Other things being auctio... more.
  • The 10 Best Star Wars Changes 0 CommentsPosted by on September 2, 2011 under Featured, Lists, Star Wars
    It's that time again. Time to hulk-out in nerd rage and do stupid things like compare George Lucas to Gaddafi or Bin Laden. That's right, there are new versions of the Star Wars movies coming out and it's time for people on the internet to go crazy ... more.
  • People Who Hate George Lucas Suck 0 CommentsPosted by on August 18, 2011 under Pics, Star Wars
    Despite all that picture shows, we still get dumbasses who make movies such as this. Lucas didn't rape your childhood, you grew up. For a larger version of the image, click here.... more.
  • George Lucas Announces Star Wars: Detours 0 CommentsPosted by on June 16, 2011 under News, Star Wars
    Recently George Lucas was interviewed by CNN about the updated Star Tours, and during the interview he let slip the title of a new television show. It's been known for a while that Seth Green was working on something like an animated Star Wars sitcom, along the lines of the Family Guy Star Wars Trilogy or Robot Chicken Star Wars. As Lucas was mentioning Clone Wars he said he was working on a n... more.
  • George Lucas Strikes Back 2 CommentsPosted by on June 1, 2011 under News, Star Wars, Videos
    There's a new Youtube parody video burning up the Internet this week that we almost didn't want to post because it's from the "George Lucas raped my childhood" camp. We're not part of that group, and really think their whining and theatrics have become both stale and annoying. From documentaries such as "The People vs. George Lucas" to a song titled "George Lucas Raped My Childhood" their horse ha... more.
  • Fifty Hours of the Live Action Star Wars Series Have Been Filmed 3 CommentsPosted by on May 25, 2011 under News, Star Wars
    In an interview with G4TV's Attack of the Show, George Lucas revealed that the Live Action Star Wars series exists. In fact, fifty hours of it exists on a shelf somewhere. After that bombshell, he went on to reiterate that they're still looking for a way to do it in a more affordable way, as right now the series looks just like the movies. You can check out the interview below, which focuses on St... more.
  • C-3PO Raps in This 1986 Star Tours Promo 3 CommentsPosted by on May 19, 2011 under Star Wars, Videos
    What's more embarrassing than the Star Wars Holiday Special? C-3PO rapping in this 1986 promo for Star Tours that aired on ABC. Thankfully, Threepio's rap is only at the beginning, and then things are turned over to Buck Rogers himself who guides a young Ernie Reyes Jr. through the original Star Tours queue. There's some footage of the original ride film, and there's even an interview with George ... more.
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