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  • Analyst Firm Unimpressed With The Old Republic 1 CommentsPosted by on June 13, 2011 under Gaming, News, Star Wars
    Last week, BioWare went all-out to show off The Old Republic at E3. They had Tatooine playable at the show, which is the first time the planet for players in their mid-20s was seen. They unveiled the end-game raids, called "Operations", and showed a big boss fight on Alderaan. Yet despite this blow-out, an analyst firm called Cowen and Company walked away very unimpressed with the game. GamesIndus... more.
  • Kinect Star Wars Gallery 0 CommentsPosted by on June 10, 2011 under Gaming, Star Wars
    One of the big reveals at this week's E3 was Kinect Star Wars. Despite appearances to the contrary when it was shown off at Microsoft's Press Conference, the game is actually not on rails. Games such as it, the Disneyland Kinect Adventures and Fable: The Journey, had demos created that showed off certain elements of the game the best while not slowing things down with navigation. People who ... more.
  • EA Won’t Announce The Old Republic Release Date Because of WoW 2 CommentsPosted by on under Gaming, News, Star Wars
    Wondering when The Old Republic will come out? Despite numerous "firm" 2011 statements at E3 this past week, EA is not giving a specific date just yet. EA CEO John Riccitiello said at E3 that announcing a release date would play into the hands of their principle competitor: "One, the competitive marketplace. Putting a window out there creates a window of opportunity for our principal competitor... more.
  • E3 2011: BioWare Reveals Old Republic Raids 2 CommentsPosted by on June 8, 2011 under Gaming, News, Star Wars
    In addition to revealing the game's intro cinematic this week, BioWare is also using E3 to show off Tatooine for the first time as well as endgame content. Where dungeons in the game are being called "Flashpoints", the multi-group raids are called "Ops". One of these "Ops" that they revealed at E3 is the Belsavis raid. This one is set on an outer rim prison world, think Rura Penthe in Star Trek... more.
  • The Old Republic “Return” Intro Cinematic 0 CommentsPosted by on June 7, 2011 under Gaming, News, Star Wars, Videos
    Yesterday during the EA press conference at E3, Bioware sort of disappointed by showing off a CG trailer that was really just a combination of the previous two trailers. Today the actual CG intro cinematic for The Old Republic has been released, and it's absolutely awesome. This is the intro that you'll see after starting the game for the first time. As it does look similar to the previous CG t... more.
  • Mini-Supergirl vs. Stormtrooper 0 CommentsPosted by on June 6, 2011 under Pics
    Our money is on Mini-Supergirl. Stormtroopers may be trained by the Empire, but we all know they're a horrible shot and obviously no match for a Kryptonian.... more.
  • Kinect Star Wars Revealed 0 CommentsPosted by on under Gaming, News, Star Wars, Videos
    As expected, Microsoft revealed Kinect Star Wars at their E3 press conference this morning. And as expected, it's an on-rails game where you play as a Jedi. There are also separate Pod Racing and Space Battle modes as well as one that looks like you play as a Rancor. It also appears as if the title simply is "Kinect Star Wars". Of all of the Kinect games that Microsoft showed at their press co... more.
  • Speed dating for Star Wars Fanboys 0 CommentsPosted by on June 5, 2011 under Pics, Star Wars
    This happened to me once when I took a girl to sushi.  After she said that she didn't like Star Wars I started getting anxiety because I had no idea what to talk about.... more.
  • Star Wars Celebration Returns to Orlando 0 CommentsPosted by on June 3, 2011 under News, Star Wars
    If you were looking for an excuse to go to Florida to ride the new Star Tours, this may be it. It's been announced that Star Wars Celebration VI will take place in Orlando August 23-26, 2012 once again at the Orange County Convention Center. Tickets and hotels are now on sale. ... more.
  • George Lucas Strikes Back 2 CommentsPosted by on June 1, 2011 under News, Star Wars, Videos
    There's a new Youtube parody video burning up the Internet this week that we almost didn't want to post because it's from the "George Lucas raped my childhood" camp. We're not part of that group, and really think their whining and theatrics have become both stale and annoying. From documentaries such as "The People vs. George Lucas" to a song titled "George Lucas Raped My Childhood" their horse ha... more.
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