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  • 10 Most Awesome Star Wars Villains 12 CommentsPosted by on September 29, 2010 under Featured, Lists, Star Wars
    Sure, the Star Wars universe is filled with heroics. From the noble Jedi to a scoundrel turned hero, there's no shortage of good there. But we all know the real reason you love Star Wars; the villains! Below we've tracked down the ten most awesome villains in all of Star Wars. Darth Vader While the Prequels may have slightly lessened Vader's menace (it's just not the same when you see he w... more.
  • The Phantom Menace re-released in 3D in 2012 0 CommentsPosted by on under News
    We've known this was coming for a long time, but now it's official. The Star Wars saga will be re-released in 3D beginning with Episode I in 2012. Depending on how The Phantom Menace does in its re-release the remaining five movies will be released each year following. So Attack of the Clones will be 2013, Revenge of the Sith in 2014, A New Hope in 2015, The Empire Strikes Back in 2016, and Return... more.
  • Jedi Path – your handbook for being a Jedi 0 CommentsPosted by on September 28, 2010 under News
    There's a new Star Wars book out and its price tag will seriously test the limits of your fanboy level. The Jedi Path is said to be the Jedi's handbook and what is passed down from Jedi to Jedi, even though we've ever seen any such book in any of the movies, tv shows, comic books...haven't they ever heard of a holocron? The cost of this book? A cool $100. Although that's mostly due to the mechanic... more.
  • Clone Wars Adventures: 1 Million Jedi Served 0 CommentsPosted by on September 27, 2010 under Gaming
    Sony Online Entertainment has announced that Clone Wars Adventures reached 1 million players within a week of its launch. As part of the celebration all current players received a golden mouse droid pet. This immediately gives players a droid, which normally costs real money to purchase, and the droid is named 1M-AUS so it does commemorate the 1 million account milestone. "Last year we set a re... more.
  • Family Guy: It’s a Trap announced 3 CommentsPosted by on under News
    The final chapter of the Family Guy Star Wars Trilogy is finally coming out. "It's a Trap" will be released on BluRay and DVD December 21st. The discs will include multiple special features including behind the scenes stuff and a feature on the Comic Con 2010 panel. It's not known if it'll be an edited version of the panel or the whole thing. Hopefully they include the entire panel as it's a great... more.
  • Papanoida as John McClain 0 CommentsPosted by on under Videos
    This coming Friday's episode of Clone Wars features George Lucas' alter-ego in Star Wars; Papanoida. If you didn't know, Lucas gave himself a quick cameo in Episode III as Papanoida. He can be seen outside the opera house right before the scene with Palpatine and Anakin inside. On Friday's episode of Clone Wars, Papanoida's daughter is kidnapped and Lucas goes all John McClain on the Coruscant und... more.
  • The Bounty Hunters of Star Wars 6 CommentsPosted by on September 26, 2010 under Pics
    Alright guys, let's see how nerdy you really are.  Name these characters from left to right.... more.
  • More information on The Old Republic’s Smuggler 0 CommentsPosted by on September 24, 2010 under Gaming, News
    Today BioWare revealed more about the Smuggler class in The Old Republic, beyond what we already saw in the gameplay trailer that was previously released. They reveal the two Advanced Classes Smugglers can become, Gunslinger or Scoundrel. Gunslingers are what they sound like, experts with pistols, while Scoundrels appear to be the more stealth-focused of the two. They also confirm that the Smuggle... more.
  • Star Wars Rocks Wallpaper 0 CommentsPosted by on September 23, 2010 under Pics
    Hugh Fleming's Star Wars Rocks painting is by far one of the best pieces of Star Wars art ever created. It's so awesome, ILM has a copy hung up in their offices. If you've ever wanted to bless your desktop with the artwork, we have you covered. Below you'll find a copy of the painting for your desktop resolution: Widescreen more.
  • Star Wars: Live Action Series Still On Back Burner 1 CommentsPosted by on September 22, 2010 under News, Star Wars, Videos
    Remember how Duke Nukem Forever teased us for like 15 years before they finally decided to announce a release date?  For some reason, I have a feeling it will be the same with the Star Wars live action... more.
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