NEW Jumanji Trailer


The first trailer has officially been released for the new Jumanji movie, Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle, which will be in theaters this December. As someone who was critical about a remake of the classic 1995 film, after watching the trailer my opinion has changed. The cast has continually stated that this film is not a remake, but more of an homage to the original story and taking its own spin on it. One major difference, you can tell straight from the trailer, is that the characters go into the game rather than the game coming into our world. In a very Breakfast Club manner, four teenagers are forced to clean out the school\’s basement during detention and find a video game called Jumanji. The film is bringing the dreaded board game into the 21st century in the form of a video game (which still looks very early 90s). In the short 2 minute trailer you can already notice a lot of comedy from an all star cast, along with a lot of action. I can\’t wait to find out more about the film in the coming months.

Worth the Watch: BBC’s Class


Are you a fan of all things Doctor Who, but was hesitant about watching the newest spin-off, Class? I know I was, but was pleasantly surprised by the show following students at Coal Hill School as they confront what comes through cracks in space and time. It’s a cross between Torchwood, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and Sarah Jane Adventures filled with action, humor, gore, and romance. Peter Capaldi’s 12th Doctor makes an early appearance and is an integral part in the backstory of two of the main characters. He is referenced several times throughout the series as new villains are introduced. It ends with a classic Doctor Who villain I did not see coming, but makes me really want it to come back to learn more. Right now, it is still uncertain if the show will be renewed, but I think it is still worth the watch even if it isn’t. While Class’ season finale aired weeks ago, you can still find all 8 episodes on demand until July 3rd.

iZombie: Looking for Mr. Goodbrain Part 2


After a literally explosive episode last week, iZombie sped into its season 3 finale last night answering the number one question on everybody’s minds: Who was responsible for Katty Kupps’ murder and the release of D-day? While there was a ton of evidence placing Chase Graves behind the crime, from the napkin in his hotel room to his dog’s collar, in a shocking twist it was a different employee of Fillmore Graves behind the scheme: Carey Gold!

In a confession to Graves, she mentions that the zombie island would have been a mistake and that D-day was inevitable, so she just pushed up the date. Tainting the Aleutian flu with zombie blood, the inoculated citizens of Seattle find themselves with a craving for brains. The infamous weatherman turned newscaster, Johnny Frost, sends Liv’s message across the air about the impending consequences of getting the vaccine. Unfortunately, it causes mass chaos, as expected, and not even Chase Graves’ message about co-existence can save the raid of humans from getting themselves killed as newly turned zombies try to get their brains from Fillmore Graves soldiers. The only person who seems to be benefiting from all of this, once again, is Blaine, whose business is booming once more.

With the secret of zombies being a thing of the past and humans becoming endangered, let’s take a count of who remains to still be human…

•Clive- Although desperate to get the vaccination, Clive gives up his place in line to take a call from Liv, which ultimately saves his life, but makes him lose his newly mended relationship. I think, whenever with show ends, Clive will be the last human.

•Peyton- She wasn’t a major character this episode, but she’s more than likely still human.

•Major- I know he was scratched again, so that takes him off the list, but I can’t help and feel that something about that will go wrong next season. I mean he has the cure in his system, so there’s got to be some side-effects, right?

•Ravi???- In the midst of all the chaos, Ravi has taken it as his duty to no longer create a cure for zombism, but to do what he told Harley he was doing all along: make a zombie vaccine. And what better test subject than himself?? I don’t know about that and neither did Liv, but after a heart to heart she scratches him, leaving us to wait until next season to find out if it worked.

Chuck’s Zachary Levi joins Psych the movie


Psych was a detective comedy on USA network for eight seasons starring James Roday as fake psychic detective, Shawn Spencer, and Dule Hill as his best friend since childhood, Burton Guster. Each week the duo teamed up with the Santa Barbara police department to solve crimes with a lot of pop culture references and catch phrases. The show ended in 2014, but earlier this year it was released that it would return in December for a movie on USA. All of the main cast is set to return. The current synopsis on IMDB reads: “The old gang come together during the holidays after a mystery assailant targets one of their own.” As of yesterday, that “mystery assailant” was confirmed as Zachary Levi.

The cast of Psych always wanted Levi to guest star on the show and even wanted him as the villain “Z” in Psych the musical, but unfortunately, he was unavailable due to his film schedule for Thor. I would have liked to see his singing pipes again, but am super excited to see him as the villain in Psych the movie.

Dule Hill tweeted: “Well, #Psych-Os #Chucksters…things just got reaaally interesting. Whaaaaat!!” along with the video below, where Hill and Roday ask fans, “What’s this?” (while holding a pineapple). Zachary Levi walks behind them, with blonde hair, saying, “It’s a pineapple, right Chucksters?”

Fun fact: Pineapples were referenced in both shows, Psych and NBC’s Chuck (where Levi played the lead). There were always pineapples in the background of Psych episodes and it became a thing to find them hiding somewhere in the scene. While on Chuck it was the panic word used at the Buy More if they needed to have an evacuation. So, what will the pineapple situation be for Psych the movie? We’ll just have to wait till December to find out!

iZombie: The undead in Seattle

\"izombie\"If you are not watching iZombie this season you are seriously missing out. The TV show that follows undead medical examiner Liv Moore as she solves murder investigations, adapted from Chris Roberson and Michael Allred’s comic book series, keeps getting better and better in its third season and Tuesday’s episode, “Conspiracy Weary,” did not hesitate to disappoint.

Now only two episodes away from the season finale, the action has intensified as major plot-lines are coming to a head. Tuesday night’s episode immediately picked up from last week, which ended in a cliffhanger where Don E was zombie-napped by Harley and co. Ravi took a brave move in trying to stop them from killing Don E, stressing that zombies could feel pain, just like humans. It was a nail biting moment and in the end Ravi was unharmed, except for a punch to the face. The same could not be said for Harley and his zombie conspiracy gang. Thanks to a team up of Liv and Blaine (which I never thought I would hear myself saying), Don E was saved. Unfortunately, most of Harley’s guys didn’t make it out alive and Harley went missing.

Despite all of the violence and bloodshed, iZombie continues to find humor, and I thought the Liv and Blaine team up (along with Don E) for the rest of the episode was hilarious. Recently we’ve been seeing the visions from others’ point of view, which is not only very funny, but also beneficial as it helped us learn James Weckler’s daughter is a zombie and possibly being blackmailed by the newly appointed mayor.

The end of the episode was packed with non-stop drama and action from Major and his Chaos killer/abductor status still blackmarking him and made much worse since Shawna, to Liv and Clive finding Harley in an underground bunker as a…zombie. (The zoom in on the scratch was a nice touch.) I did not see that coming. But the most shocking of all was at the way end with the newspaper article. Ravi was way too open with Rachel and told her EVERYTHING and now all of Seattle knows that zombies are real and walk among them. What they have been trying to avoid all season has finally come to light, just like they feared. I can’t wait to see what happens next!

iZombie airs Tuesdays at 9 on the CW.

Open Call for Fantastic Beasts Sequel


Has it always been your dream to be apart of the Harry Potter franchise? Do people tell you that you bare a striking resemblance to a young Jude Law, Johnny Depp, or Eddie Redmayne? Well, now’s your chance! Warner Brothers has announced an open casting call for five young actors to join the Fantastic Beasts Sequel, including two 16-18 year olds to play teenage Albus Dumbledore and Gellert Grindelwald.

In J.k. Rowling’s original series it is revealed that Dumbledore and Grindelwald were close friends in their teenage years before having a falling out. Shortly afterwards, Grindelwald becomes one of the darkest wizards known (that is until Voldermort). His rise to power in the 1920s was introduced in the first Fantastic Beasts as Johnny Depp debuted as Grindelwald. Earlier this year it was released that Jude Law would play a younger Dumbledore, following the footsteps of Richard Harris and Michael Gambon.

The casting call is also looking for three actors between the ages of 13-16 to play teenage Newt Scamander, Leta Lestrange (who was briefly seen as Newt’s friend, played by Zoe Kravitz) and a new character named Sebastian. While it has not been released what roles these characters will play, we can suspect that the sequel will contain a few scenes at Hogwarts, which should be very interesting.

For more information about the casting call visit Pottermore.

First look at Disney Channel’s Raven’s Home


In the past couple of years beloved 90s sitcoms have seen spin-offs following characters you grew up with now raising their kids. Netflix has rebooted Full House into Fuller House, where D.J Tanner is raising her three boys along with the help of her sister, Stephanie, and best friend, Kimmy Gibbler. Disney Channel had brought back Boy Meets World with Girl Meets World following Corey and Topanga’s daughter Riley as she experienced the triumphs and pitfalls of growing up. Now to join the ranks, and step into the early 2000s, Disney Channel has created a spin-off of That’s So Raven. The popular show starring Raven Symone as Raven Baxter: a teen who had visions of the future, which often got her into bigger problems in daily life. It aired from 2003-2007. The new show, Raven’s Home, is expected to debut sometime this summer. According to Entertainment Weekly, “The show will catch up with Raven and her best friend Chelsea, both of whom are divorced and living together as they help each other raise their respective kids.” The show will focus on Raven’s son Booker, who has inherited his mother’s ability of seeing into the future (which is interesting because in the original series this power skipped a generation). A new promo was released yesterday introducing Raven and Chelsea’s kids.

While I loved That’s So Raven as a kid, I can’t help, but be skeptical about the show. I don’t want it to ruin the memory I had. While these spin-offs appear to be a current trend in television, they don’t seem to be working. Fuller House’s second season saw a loss in ratings and the viewers have not been as strong as the first episode that debuted the series. Girl Meets World lasted three seasons on Disney Channel before getting cancelled. It tried to be like Boy Meets World and incorporate serious stories, but the network could only say so much to a younger audience. We’ll just have to wait and see how Raven’s Home stands against its predecessor.

Raven’s Home has yet to announce a premiere date.

The Flash Season 3 Finale “Finish Line”


Last night’s season finale of the Flash picked up immediately from where its previous episode left off, but as predicted there were several twists and turns, including the big one of what actually happened to Iris….

Spoilers to come!

Last week part of me was shocked to see Iris die. While Team Flash were doing everything they could to avoid her death, they played with this idea of how much of the future is actually set in stone versus what is free will. Well, thanks to H.R, Iris lived. In the first twist of the night, we heard “Iris” call Barry, B.A (a name H.R. is known for using). After feeling guilty of telling Savitar where Iris was hiding, H.R. did the ultimate switcheroo using a high-tech face mask he used in the beginning of the season. Something none of the characters (or myself) saw coming. It was a sad moment to see another reincarnation of Wells bite the dust. It took a little while to get used to him after Harry, but he became one of my favorites.

The 2nd “twist” (which I’m using loosely because it really wasn’t) of the night was when Savitar “joined” Team Flash. Barry was able to connect with Savitar on a childhood memory and attempted to help him with the short amount of time he still had left. For a second I honestly thought this was going to be how they took down Savitar. It was a strange moment where he was Barry, but not actually. You could tell he still had feelings for Iris. But in the end, he back-stabbed them and destroyed STAR Labs in the process. All to set his plan in motion of spreading himself across all of time and space. Thanks to the return of Jay Garrick, that didn’t happen.

With the help of the other speedsters, Barry was able to take down Savitar by pushing him out of his suit. Once inside the all-powerful, Barry did not become the killer Savitar was. In a reversal, Iris shot Savitar before he disappeared forever. Of course, when all seemed back to normal, an earthquake shook Central City to its core. The speed force was coming back for a vengeance looking for a prisoner to hold Savitar’s place. In the 3rd twist of the night, Barry decides he must go in. At first I thought: Why can’t he create another time remnant, but then I realized that would probably create someone like Savitar again. And in a way, this would be Barry’s penance for creating Flashpoint. The speed force once again took the form of his mother and reassured Team Flash that it would not be a prison for Barry.

So, how will they get Barry back next season? Or will the show be renamed Kid Flash? We’ll just have to wait and see when season 4 returns this October.

Iris’ Fate



So as many of you know, if you’ve read my previous articles, I’ve been wondering if Iris would survive her impending death for a good amount of the season. This week’s episode, “Infantino Street,” finally answered that question. In the last 24 hours, before the showdown with Savitar, Team Flash did all that they could to save Iris. Joe and Wally took her to Earth 2 as Barry and Captain Cold stole an energy source for the speed force bazooka thanks to the Dominators crossover earlier this season. But none of this was able to avoid the inevitable and Iris died just as Barry had seen in the future.

The constant reassurance of Iris’ survival in the past few episodes led me to believe she would die. They just kept mentioning how they would stop Savitar rather than considering the inevitable. In this episode, once Iris made the video on Barry’s phone I got a bad feeling that we would see it be replayed once she died (and we did). Yet I’m still not completely convinced that she is dead. We have one more episode remaining and anything can happen. Even though time travel hasn’t been the answer before, could they find some twisted logic to make it work and get Iris back? And if they don’t, will they be able to stop Savitar or will he be the first “big” villain to get away? How will Barry remain a hero when he has lost so many loved ones? That seems like a good question that could carry into season 4.

The Flash’s season finale airs Tuesday at 8 on the CW.

Should Once Upon a Time have been renewed?


Now during May sweeps shows are learning their fate. Everyday new shows are classified as renewed or cancelled. While I had tapped out of ABC’s Once Upon a Time at the beginning of season 6 this fall, I was surprised to hear of the show’s renewal especially after the breaking news of so many of the main cast leaving the show.

Once Upon a Time began in 2011 and took a fresh take on storybook characters who were trapped in our world unknown of their true identity. Each season brought new villains and introduced several characters from iconic Disney films, including Frozen-shortly after the movie came out. As the seasons went on the plot lines became less interesting and in my opinion the acting got worse.

Earlier this month, their renewal was released as were the characters who would be leaving the show: all of the main cast, except for Captain Hook, Regina Mills (the evil queen), and Mr. Gold (Rumpelstiltskin). In the season finale, there was a time jump, which introduced an older Henry Mills and his daughter, who he didn’t seem to know. (Why wouldn’t he after what happened to him and his mom?) The new description is as follows: “After six seasons, the residents of the enchanted forest face their greatest challenge yet as The Evil Queen, Captain Hook and Rumpelstiltskin join forces with a grown up Henry Mills and his daughter Lucy on an epic quest to once again bring hope to their world and ours. Along the way, new fairy tale characters and old search for true love, find adventure and once again take sides in the struggle of good against evil, as classic tales are once more twisted and re-imagined.”

So basically, a reboot? The new focus combined with the Friday night time slot is just setting up season 7 for doom.

Supergirl “Resist” Promo


Next week’s episode of Supergirl, “Resist,” looks jam-packed with action as the 2nd season is coming to a close. While the promo is extremely quick, there are several interesting elements in it that make me want Monday to come faster.

1. Mon-El and Lena
Last episode ended with the Prince of Daxam and Queen Rhea’s surrogate daughter being beamed up to her ship as an influx of lost Daxamite ships made their way into National City. In the promo, Mon-El is seen wearing a princely outfit and does not look worried. Could this be an act or perhaps he is under some sort of mind control? He is looking at someone and then the camera jumps to Lena in a red dress. I might be going too far, but what if Rhea wants Lena to marry Mon-El?

2. Cadmus is back
With so many story-lines this season I kind of forgot about Cadmus, but they appear to be back in the 1st part of the season finale. Lillian Luthor narrates, “Alien invaders have come to destroy our way of life and claim our planet.” The bigger question is, is the DEO working with Cadmus? For a slight second, you can see Supergirl standing with Lillian behind her. Could they have teamed up to take Rhea down once and for all and get their loved ones back?

3. Cat Grant Returns!
We knew it was coming, but the promo confirms it. Cat Grant is back! She looks like she’s in the alien dive bar with Kara and Lillian Luthor. Can’t wait to see her back with the cast.

Supergirl airs Mondays at 8 on the CW.

The Flash “Cause and Effect”

\"the-flash-cause-and-effect-trail\"After last week’s Savitar reveal, fans were left with tons of questions regarding this future version of Barry. Some of those questions were answered last night. Beginning with who this Barry was. Get ready to break out the white board.

So, Savitar is actually a time remnant, like the one Barry created to stop Zoom last year. Sometime in the future, the future Flash creates time remnants to stop Savitar-who is one of those remnants all along. (Confused yet?) This of course brings up the age-old question: what came first the time remnant or Savitar? As it has all throughout the season, Flashpoint continues to be one of the factors for allowing this to happen. (I have a feeling that will never go away for the rest of the show.) When Barry suggests killing himself to get rid of Savitar, the time remnant states that it’s not always that easy. The Reverse Flash continues to exist, despite Eddie Thawne killing himself. I thought it was clever when he stated that the more time travel you do, the less it applies to you. Smart way for the writers to get around some more confusing topics. All of this also clears up why the Legends of Tomorrow received a message from an older Barry telling them not to trust him. They didn’t mean him. They were talking about Savitar.

I think Grant Gustin has done a really great job acting this season because he has taken on so many different roles, while still essentially playing the same character. He’s present day Barry Allen, Savitar, Emo future Flash, and amnesia Barry. Amnesia Barry was fun to see because we haven’t seen that Barry since season 1. He was light and airy and didn’t know he was the Flash. Despite being confused he still trusted Iris, showing how deep their love truly is. So, my question remains (and probably will until the season finale in 2 weeks) will Iris die? There’s times where I think they are forcing the fact that she will live too much, that I start to think maybe she will die? The CW has killed off major characters before and love interests: Laurel. But then I start to think is it too obvious? Is this what they want you to think? Savitar did tell Barry that Iris needs to die in order for him to be born. If they change that then they will defeat the bad guy, which is always the end of a season. Will this one be different? We’ll just have to wait and see!

The Flash airs Tuesdays at 8 on the CW.

The 100 “Die All, Die Merrily”


The 100 meets the Hunger Games in its latest episode where the strongest warrior in each of the 13 clans squared off in the Polis arena. This entire season has been devoted to finding a way to survive the impending radiation. This competition to the death showed which clan would be allowed to have the bunker all to themselves.

Going into this episode, you knew some characters were going to die. There was no way they would all work out some way to compromise. I was just surprised at who didn’t make it. The four “familiar” competitors were King Roan from Ice Nation, Illian, Luna (who had nothing to lose being the last of her people) and Octavia or Sky Rippah as she has been re-named this season. While the odds did not seem to be in her favor she entered Polis like everyone else, holding Indra’s sword and wearing Lincoln’s war paint. Despite everything she’s been through and the evolution her character undergone, once again she became the girl under the floor. She hid from most of the competitors allowing them to kill each other, as her brother Bellamy instructed. While members of each of the clans watched to see if the candle of their nation was extinguished and their chances of survival lost, Bellamy became aware of a sniper with a bow and arrow hiding in a building and killing in favor of Ice Nation. In the cover of darkness, he investigated and discovered Echo, who became banished, by her King, for cheating. Here Bellamy gave a rousing speech in honor of his sister, who he did not realize was listening. It gave her the needed energy to push on and win the competition.

While everything looked resolved as Octavia declared the 13 clans would find a way to share the bunker, her hopes were quickly crushed as Sky crew had secretly taken it during the competition. They kidnapped Bellamy, who wakes up inside with Clarke and Jaha, as Kane and Octavia try to break in with no luck.

With only 3 episodes remaining in the season, only one can guess who will survive.

The 100 airs Wednesdays at 8 on the CW.

Savitar Unmasked!


After months of questioning who Savitar is, his identity was FINALLY revealed last night and boy was I surprised. DO NOT READ ON IF YOU DO NOT WANT TO KNOW.

In the past, The Flash has always liked their twists, especially when it comes to their villain’s identity. Season 1- Reverse Flash- Wells aka Eobard Thawne, Season 2- Zoom- Jay Garrick aka Hunter Zoloman. The newest cast member is always suspicious, but after Julian (Tom Felton) was unmasked as Alchemy earlier this season he was off the hook, and the mystery lived on, until now….

After a revelation when listening to Joe talk about love, Barry puts together who Savitar truly is-Barry, but from the future. WHAT!

Part of me always joked it would be Barry, but I never thought it would be. After the big reveal, fans were claiming that it was obvious because when Julian channeled Savitar, earlier in the season, he said, “I’m the future Flash.” Other fans state the line could have been taken as, “I’m the future, Flash,” as in addressing Barry, who he was speaking with. Either way the producers did it again and have now left us with even more questions, such as:

How far in the future is this Barry from?

Does he ever capture Savitar (himself) or was that just a story? (If he does capture himself that messes with my mind even more.)

When Barry traveled to the future and met his future-self did he know or was he Savitar already? (I think this is doubtful because that Barry looked emo and Savitar Barry’s face looks partially burned.)

And the big question:

Why would he want to kill the woman he loves?

What will happen in the future to make him do any of this in the first place? How much of the future can you truly change? Okay, so that was more than one question. We’ll just have to wait and see what happens in the remaining three episodes of the season!

The Flash airs Tuesdays at 8 on the CW.

Supergirl “Alex”


Last night’s Supergirl episode, “Alex,” taught Kara that it isn’t always smart to punch first and ask questions later, especially when your sister’s life hangs in the balance.

Spoilers ahead.

The episode began with an interesting perspective-Maggie’s. While we usually follow Kara around, saving the day as Supergirl, we don’t really see what the police do. In a way, thanks to Supergirl, they can become obsolete, and that was shown when Kara saved hostages from the bank robbers Maggie was trying to talk down. During a heated pizza dinner, we learned that there is a Supergirl defense several convicts use to get out of their sentence, stating they were taken by violent force, the lack of evidence, and vigilante justice. The night ended abruptly, and unfortunately with Alex’s abduction.

In order to save Alex, Maggie and Kara had to work together, which wasn\’t easy due to their two contrasting approaches. Kara’s stubbornness was shown in her punch first, talk later attitude, while Maggie wanted to reason with Alex’s abductor. This posed the age old question of who loves someone more-a sister or a girlfriend? It is only when Maggie takes Kara’s approach, that Kara truly learns it is not the right one. They cannot give into the bad guy to save someone they care about. It’s not what Alex would want. Thankfully they are able to learn Alex’s whereabouts from the man Alex’s kidnapper is so desperate to save.

Part of me was super nervous for Alex this episode. While she’s got like 3rd billing in the cast, CW shows are known for suddenly killing off characters and this episode was called “Alex.” I was so relieved to see her home safe and sound. She was definitely a badass-pulling that tracker out of her shoulder and making her pants into a life preserver. Is that even possible?

In other stories, Lena and Queen Rhea teamed up to build a teleportation device we saw earlier in the season. The queen’s identity was revealed as an alien and when Lena reaches out to Kara, but doesn’t hear back, she agrees to work with the Daxamite queen. Yeah, we all know this isn’t going to end well.

With only three episodes left in the season I cannot wait to see what happens next!

Supergirl airs Mondays at 8 on the CW.

Happy Impossible Astronauts Day!

\"silence\"It’s that time of year again where you might be at the store, in school, or working and see people wearing tally marks on their faces, hands, or arms. If you come in contact with these people slowly back away, do not bring attention to yourself and do not, DO NOT look in the corner of your eye.

And if you look down and have tally marks on your face, hands, or arms…. I’m sorry, I’m so sorry.

That’s right today is Impossible Astronauts Day for Whovians. Today back in 2011, the Doctor with the Ponds and River Song journeyed to Lake Silencio and the Doctor died. It’s the first time one of the most frightening villains, the Silence, were introduced. A scary concept where when you were in direct eye contact you remembered them, but as soon as you looked away you forgot. (They would give the weeping angels a run for their money.)

So be careful today and watch out for the…. What was I talking about?
I forgot.

Doctor Who “The Pilot”

\"doctor-who-series-10-capaldi-mackie-bill-tardis\"CAUTION: Make sure to watch this episode AFTER you take a bath, shower, go swimming, and all other water related activities. It might also be best if someone’s home with you that way you know it’s them running water in the bathroom. You’ve been warned!

Doctor Who FINALLY returned last night for its 10th season and Peter Capaldi’s last. (It literally feels like we just got him. I can’t believe it’s already been three years!) With season 9 being such a disappointment for me personally, I was super excited for this season and to meet the new companion, Bill.

Here’s what we know so far about Bill:

•She works at a university’s cafeteria (or canteen) and serves chips, but sits in on the Doctor’s class, which everyone loves. [Can you imagine the Doctor as your professor?]

•She’s looking for a girlfriend. It was released a couple of weeks ago, that Bill would be the 1st official openly gay character on the show. While I disagree she’s the first-Captain Jack, Madame Vastra and Jenny, and even Clara made an insinuating comment about Jane Austen. The series did not hesitate to show her sexual orientation immediately, describing how she gave chips to a pretty girl. And then there was Heather, which was upsetting. We barely met her and I still felt bad that she got taken.

•She’s a foster kid. We see Bill with her foster mom at their apartment. (I’m curious how old she is. In college, technically she wouldn’t have to be with a foster mom anymore, right?) We hear from her conversation with the Doctor that she never met her biological mom or knows what she looks like. Later on in the episode, she gets a box of her mom’s old things and in one of the pictures it looks like the Doctor in the background. Coincidence? As the 11th Doctor would say, “Never ignore a coincidence, unless you’re busy. Then always ignore a coincidence.”

•She knows a thing or two about Sci-Fi. How funny was it when she asked the Doctor if he was familiar with Sci-Fi? This background knowledge helped with her quickly learn and accept the TARDIS and avoid getting her memory wiped by the Doctor. It also shows she is up for anything, which is exactly what you need in a companion.

I really loved the little Easter Eggs this episode had from the pictures of River and the Doctor’s granddaughter Susan, to the collection of screwdrivers masking as pens. Even Naldo got to use one. (So happy to see him back.)

The first episode with a new companion is usually a lot of fun to watch, and “The Pilot” did not hesitate to disappoint. I will definitely be watching it again. It’s always exciting to see how the new companion wins over a reluctant Doctor to taking on someone to travel with him again. I’m always waiting to see their ultimate reaction to the news and how they say that famous phrase: “It’s bigger on the inside.”

Can’t wait to see where we’re headed in the TARDIS this season. It should be exciting with the re-occurrence of not one, but TWO incarnations of the master. After this one, I feel like the old (well the old/new who) is back with a good balance of suspense, comedy, and adventure with a companion who is an ordinary person wanting to get away rather than an “impossible girl.”

Doctor Who airs Saturdays at 9 on BBC America.

Superman and Cat Grant Return to Supergirl


This week it\’s been released that Superman/Clark Kent (Tyler Hoechlin) and Cat Grant (Calista Flockhart) will be returning for the season two finale of Supergirl. While it is still unknown what will draw them back to National City, fans have gotten extremely excited by the news. Hoechlin will appear in the May 22nd finale, while Flockhart will return in the last two episodes of the season.

The last we saw Superman and Cat Grant were in the first two episodes of season two. Cat Grant bid farewell as she wanted to move on from CatCo and gave the company to James Olsen. Due to the network change and scheduling issues, Calista Flockhart had to leave the show, but it was always rumored she would return as a guest star.

In those episodes, Superman helped Kara and Lena with a defunct LexCorp spaceship. Shortly after he had to return to Metropolis, living National City in Kara’s capable hands. The premiere opened on a new network, which meant there were some noticeable changes right away, but Hoechlin’s Superman fit right in. While he was with the DEO, Kara remained a strong lead and was not overshadowed by her more famous cousin. At the same time, I liked how important they made Superman to everyone because well, he is Superman. I just wish we would have heard more of him throughout the season. I understand that there has been a lot going on, with several storylines, but it seems like a whole other season since Superman appeared. I know that it’s Supergirl’s show, but it would have been nice to hear her allude to Clark, like she randomly did in the first season. Tyler Hoechlin had attended San Diego Comic Con with the cast last summer, which made me think he would have a bigger role. I’m surprised Chris Wood did not make an appearance, seeing how he is a series regular and has a major storyline this season.

Can’t wait to hear more information in the coming weeks.

Supergirl returns Monday April 24th at 8.

Binge worthy: iZombie


Are you a fan of detective shows, comedies and zombies, but can’t find a show that has all three? Well, look no further than the CW’s iZombie, which just returned for its third season this past Tuesday. The show is a loose adaptation of the comic book series by Chris Roberson and Michael Allred about Liv Moore, who was once a promising surgeon before she went to a boat party and was a scratched by a zombie. After waking up in a body bag, she changes everything in her life and takes a job at the morgue, where she can have an endless supply of brains (which she must eat in order to avoid full-on zombie mode. It’s important to note that the zombies in iZombie can talk, walk, and basically look normal as long as they tan their skin and dye their hair. Liv does not blend in and forces her family to believe she has gone emo after the tragic boat party.) In the morgue she works alongside Ravi, who immediately recognizes her zombieness and is interested to work on a cure.

In season 1, Liv copes with her new lifestyle, as Ravi works to find a cure. As she feeds on the brains at the morgue, she gets visions of the dead, which help her solve murders with Detective Clive Babineaux, who thinks she’s psychic. (Which is so much more believable!) Just like any other detective show there are twists and turns to solving the crime, but there’s also a lot of humor, especially because Liv takes on the personalities of the brain she has eaten.

Season 2 brings in new zombies and the crime lord Mr. Boss, along with a potential cure. Liv has more than one romance and friendships are tested. The finale of season 2 was probably one of my favorite episodes so far, making me pumped for the start of season 3. The premiere this past week did not disappoint and I am excited to see where this season takes us. More zombies are in Seattle than we thought, and the humans might be finding out soon.

Catch up on the previous seasons of iZombie now.

Season 3 airs Tuesdays at 9 on the CW.

Supergirl “Distant Sun” Recap

\"supergirl-season-2-cw-poster\"After being blown away by last week’s crossover, I didn’t know what to expect for this week. All I knew was that it was directed by Kevin Smith, who has done great things in the previous episodes he’s directed both on Supergirl and the Flash. And he did it again in this draw-dropping episode.

Spoilers Ahead!

Now that Kara has forgiven Mon-El, for hiding his true identity as the former Prince of Daxam, he seems to have moved into her apartment, making breakfast and doing laundry. Everything seems nice, until it is discovered that there is a bounty on Kara’s head. Naturally Kara does not want to hide as everyone else tells her to. But staying at home doesn’t protect her, as a bounty hunter finds her and takes over Mon-El’s body to fight. Mon-El questions his parents right away, as they are rich enough to pay a bounty hunter. While they deny it, Mon-El stays suspicious and has every right to. In this scene at the bar, the Queen shows her love for her son and how much she misses the little boy he once was. This already shows she’s willing to do anything for him.

Kara has the “bright” idea to talk to the Queen of Daxam at the Fortress of Solitude, in hopes of letting Mon-El stay on Earth. (I thought it was funny and ironic how Mon-El was reading Ro-mayo and Juliet, and how he thought it ended nicely. Foreshadowing?) The Queen reveals she was the one who put the bounty on Kara and has kryptonite. As Kara is greatly injured, Mon-El agrees to leave with his mother if it means Kara will be safe. Since the beginning of this episode, I felt like Mon-El would make this sacrifice. They kept stressing how he is the last of the royal Daxamities and will eventually rule, so it seemed inevitable. Even though I predicted it, it still pained me to see the two part. I loved how persistent Kara was to get Mon-El back and the little switch-a-roo she did with J’onn. (Who, might I add, has crazy telepathic skills. Did you see him in that telepathic battle with the prisoner-intense!) Even Winn made the journey to the spaceship and used his tech savviness to break Mon-El out of his cell. In the end, it is the King who allows Mon-El to return to Earth, to his family (aww). A real change is shown in his father, and unfortunately, he pays for it later as the Queen feels betrayed and kills him! WHAT! I did not see that coming. As Kara and Mon-El share another cozy sofa session, at the end of the episode, they have no idea what has just happened in space. Which asks the question: Will Mon-El stay on Earth for good? As much as I want to see him in season 2 and with Kara, it looks like they are building up for his departure. I was hoping the threat of him being taken away this episode would be it, but the death of his father, the King, opens it up again.

In other news, Alex and Maggie built on their relationship with the introduction of Maggie’s ex-girlfriend who she was in a relationship for 5 years. When Maggie’s ex doesn’t show up to dinner, Alex digs deeper and finds out the reason they broke up was because Maggie cheated. Alex points out Maggie’s trust issues, from this to lying about how she came out to her family. Maggie admits to it and the two embrace. Throughout the past few episodes, Maggie and Alex’s relationship has not been overly complicated, but I think this was a nice storyline that showed that their relationship isn’t perfect, and that they can work through their issues too.

Supergirl airs Mondays at 8 on the CW.

Bates Motel Reinvents Psycho


It’s no secret who the true killer is in Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho. Today most people go into watching the movie already aware of Norman Bates’ spilt personality, unlike the 1960s audience. The shower scene is iconic and has been referenced in other movies or TV shows. But what if Norman Bates didn’t kill Marion?

A&E’s Bates Motel reinvented the classic scene in last night’s episode “Marion.” In the week before we were officially introduced to Marion (played by Rihanna). We saw her with Sam, working at the bank, stealing the deposit, and driving in the downpouring rain. The music playing in the background was already sounding like the score from Psycho. Last night’s episode picked up with Marion arriving at the Bates Motel and ringing the bell on the hotel office for assistance. Despite all of the confusion Norman was going through, he emerges down the long staircase from the house, and greets her as if everything is fine, just like in the film. I really liked seeing all the comparisons in this scene to the movie, from Marion signing a different name in the registry, Norman offering her food in his office, the taxidermy conversation, and then of course Norman peeping into Marion’s room. Then Marion went into the shower. Earlier when Norman showed her the room and see looked into the bathroom the camera focused in on the shower head. But she safely took her shower, and came out of it alive? I was shocked! I remembered the show’s producer at SDCC saying they would have their own take on this scene, but I couldn’t believe Marion didn’t die. Afterwards every time Norman and Marion had a moment together I was anticipating something bad to happen, but it didn’t. He let her go.

Norman had an intense inner struggle this episode as he came to terms with his sanity and that helped him spare Marion’s life. After bumping into his old psychiatrist last episode, he was reminded of his condition and how he sees his mother when she’s not actually there and that sometimes he becomes her. It was so bittersweet to see him talk down his other personality several times throughout the episode. You wanted to cheer on Norman for realizing how crazy he is, but at the same time you knew it would be short-lived because he had yet to kill Marion. It was sad to see him confused at what to believe, including the real call from his brother, Dylan. (Who I am extremely glad now knows that Norma died.) The real interesting part was at the end when “mother” admitted that she was a part of Norman and has been there for some time. She described herself as doing the dark things that Norman is incapable of, starting with protecting his mother from his father all those years ago. This other personality admits that she took on his mother’s face to get him to trust her.

While in the end it is not Marion who dies in the shower scene, someone is murdered there by Norman. Sam, who has returned to the motel in search of Marion, takes a shower and is killed in the process. I did not see this death coming, but found it interesting how the show altered it. I think it makes sense that “mother” would make Norman kill Sam, due to his background with his father and always wanting to protect his mother (and it is obvious that Norman cares for Sam’s wife, Madelyn.) Another difference here from the film, is that it is Norman himself who performs the killing. He is not dressed up as his mother, and even shows remorse once it is completed.

In the scenes for next week it looks like Dylan and Madelyn team up in search of answers for where her husband is. It looks like they have taken the place of Sam and Marion’s sister searching for Marion. I can’t wait to see what other ways they have adapted this story.

Bates Motel airs Mondays at 10 on A&E.

The Flash “Duet” Is Finally Here


The highly-anticipated Flash and Supergirl musical crossover aired last night and boy did it deliver. Talented singers, impressive dance moves, and 1940s “New York” accents, could it get any better? (Maybe if it was a little longer.) In the alternate reality, Barry and Kara learned everything’s easier in a musical and were pleasantly surprised how they confronted their issues from the outside world.

Spoiler Alert!

At the end of Supergirl this week, Kara was whammied by the Music Meister as he opened a breach to Earth-1 to catch the fastest man alive. J’onn Jones (Martian Manhunter) and Mon-El brought Kara to Earth-1 in hopes that the STAR Labs team could bring her back. Unfortunately for them, Barry fell into the same state as Kara, but fortunately for us as we got to witness Grant Gustin’s amazing voice and dance moves (did you see that tap dancing).

Due to Barry and Kara’s love for musicals, the Music Meister’s alternate reality takes the form of a 1940s movie musical. I thought it was interesting how he stated it could have been anything, such as a war movie, but then we would not have gotten the stellar performances that we did. This new world was very similar to Wizard of Oz, as the characters pointed out, because familiar faces inhabited roles in the musical. I thoroughly enjoyed the rival gangs of Malcolm Merlyn and Joe West with Dr. Stein. It was a nice touch adding a West Side Story element with the love story of both gang’s children aka Iris West and Mon-El. It was also extremely ironic and strange to see the love interests of Barry and Kara with each other. While it was odd to see Malcolm Merlyn on the Flash (he’s normally on Arrow and Legends of Tomorrow), I did see a resemblance with him and Mon-El. It was also a nice touch that Mon-El’s name was Tommy (RIP). Cisco and Winn also delivered out of this world performances and Winn’s accent could not make me stop thinking of him as Jack Kelly in Newsies. I just wish there were more songs to showcase their talents. However, ‘Put a Little Love in Your Heart,’ was a great way to kick off this musical world. I think it was one of my favorite songs of the night.

Once again we got to see Barry and Kara’s adorable friendship. Despite the serious major plots occurring on both of the shows, it was nice to see them in a more comical manner. They always seem to be that way together throughout all of the crossovers we’ve seen them in. All of Barry’s reactions to seeing people he knows sing were our reactions (clapping, smiling in awe). “Super friends” was a cute, playful song to represent their friendship, written by Crazy Ex- Girlfriend star Rachel Bloom. I particularly enjoyed all of the little jokes, such as Barry telling Kara he’s no longer able to change the timeline and how he admires her more than her cousin. (Ironic, seeing as how Grant Gustin is a huge Superman fan.)

While the ending seemed a little cookie cutter, fixing everything nicely and having the characters learn a lesson in the alternate reality and apply it to everyday life, it was a nice way to tie up some of the problems we just faced in both shows. Kara learned she can forgive Mon-El for not telling her about his past, and Barry learned to live in the moment and not worry about what will happen to Iris in the future. I think it was interesting how Music Meister really wasn’t a bad guy. He was just helping them with their issues in an unusual setting. But the question remains, how did he know? And now that he’s gone will he eventually return? His mysterious disappearance does leave his story open and I know Darren Criss has said that he would love to return next season and write some songs of his own. Due to how well this episode went I have a feeling that might be in our future, but for now we’ll take the lesson Barry learned and live in the present as both shows start to wrap up their seasons.

The songs from “Duet” are now available for digital download

Supergirl airs Mondays at 8 on the CW

The Flash airs Tuesdays at 8 on the CW

Fans Upset for the Upcoming Live Action Mulan

\"liveRecently Disney has been taking their beloved classics and bringing them back to screen through live action performances. So far, Cinderella, Jungle Book, and Beauty and the Beast have been adapted. Beauty and the Beast has been breaking records since its debut last weekend, and according to The Hollywood Reporter, had the seventh-biggest domestic box-office launch of all time, surpassing Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2. After this type of success it doesn’t come as a shock that Disney has several more live-action films ready for the future. One including Mulan.

Disney released the cartoon in 1998 that told the story of a young girl who takes her father’s place in the army to save his life, dresses as a man, and saves China. Now twenty years later, the story will be retold on screen, except there will be several differences. Unlike Beauty and the Beast, which not only extended previous songs, but also crafted new songs for the film, according to Mulan’s film director, Niki Caro, Mulan will not be a musical. While the cartoon does not have as many songs as Beauty and the Beast, it still has great ones like “Honor Us All,” “Reflection,” and no one can forget the powerful “I’ll Make a Man out of You.” (I still listen to that song when I need a pick me up.) Also news just in, it was released that Li Shang, Mulan’s love interest, will not be a part of the film.

Fans have taken to social media complaining about all of these changes to the classic Disney film, claiming that it will not be the same and I agree with them. How can Li Shang not be a part of a live action version? After the current success of Beauty and the Beast, I really hope Niki Caro changes her mind.

Supergirl “Starcrossed” Recap

\"Supergirl-Star-Crossed-Review-Rhea-Mon-El-Lar-Gand\"Last night the first episode of the Supergirl/Flash musical crossover began and just like the 4-part Invasion crossover this fall, the Supergirl episode ended with a to be continued on the Flash. I really can’t wait for next season for a true crossover to happen, where characters from the other DC shows can actually appear in National City. Then maybe…finally… Winn and Cisco can meet each other! (At the end of the episode Winn did say he thinks he would be BFFs with Cisco if they lived in the same dimension, so fingers crossed!!)

This episode was jam-packed and actually felt like a full hour, unlike other episodes where it feels like there’s more commercials than actual storyline. As it started I was super nervous because I knew what was coming. Thanks to last week’s promo, we were already aware of Mon-El’s true identity as the Prince of Daxam. Mon-El and Kara were so cute together, snuggling on the couch talking about movie musicals (super ironic) and rom coms and then BAM a Cadmus-like message appears on all the TVs asking Earth to hand over Mon-El of Daxam. I loved how Kara didn’t want him to go on the ship alone and the fact that she was happy his parents were still alive…. until it was revealed they were the King and Queen of her rival planet. Then there was the cringe-worthy dinner, where all you wanted was for Kara and Mon-El to talk, but instead you heard how his parents want to rebuild Daxam.

Despite all of his lying, I think Mon-El showed a lot of growth this episode. He is definitely not the same guy who appeared at the beginning of the season and mainly that is all thanks to Kara. She has shown him a different way to live life and how to be a hero. In Kara’s apartment, when he revealed the truth about himself, it kind of sounded like his own TV show monologue: “My name is Mon-El and I am the former prince of Daxam.” I was shocked when he dropped the L-bomb and told Kara that he loved her, but not all that surprised when Kara told him to leave. (It’s obvious they couldn’t reconcile anything because of the two-night crossover. She’s got to deal with her feelings in the alternate reality with Barry.) After hearing all of this from Kara, Mon-El still decided to stay on Earth and he even called it his home. When he used that word I could have sworn his parents were going to send him back to whatever was left of Daxam because it seemed too easy for them to send their only son back to Earth as they want to recreate their planet. So I don’t think this is the last we’ll see of them.

Throughout the whole episode, I was interested to see how Music Meister was going to be a part of all of this. Well, at the end the DEO announced that they had a new prisoner and there he was. He said how he purposely got caught for Supergirl. Then thanks to Winn finishing diagnostics on the multiverse portal Cisco created, Music Meister opened a breach and said he was going to get the fastest man alive. (YAY!!) As he left Kara passes out and wakes up into an alternate reality as a 40s singer and to be continued on the Flash appeared on the screen.

In this short time we saw Music Meister I already like him. He seems very chill and a man with a plan, that we are completely unaware of. I liked his little “Tootles,” as he left their Earth and thought it was extremely nice of him for throwing back the device. I can’t wait to see what’s up his sleeve for Barry in tonight’s episode!

The other storyline of this episode involved Winn and his girlfriend Lyra. While it wasn’t overly important, I liked the team up of Maggie, Alex, Winn, and James (who yes, made the episode believe it or not). At first it looked like this was yet another failed relationship for Winn, but wound up being more complicated than that. While this subplot looked like it could have worked for any other episode, it did kind of show Kara that you could still care for someone when they lie to you. Winn was able to understand Lyra’s situation and reasoning for using him in her con to get her brother back. While the two ended on good terms, unlike Kara and Mon-El, I think Winn deserves a proper “Winn” girlfriend. He hasn’t had many love interests on the show, but they all seem to wind up being bad or not interested in him. He needs a nerdy, techy girl, just like him. I guess this is just another comparison between him and his would-be BFF-Cisco.

The musical crossover continues tonight on the Flash at 8 on the CW.

Beauty and the Beast Review

\"BeautyDisney’s 1991 Beauty and the Beast asked the question: “For who could ever learn to love a beast?” and we fell in love again with the Beast and the classic ‘tale as old as time’ as it returned to screens in the new live-action film, starring Emma Watson and Dan Stevens. I was fortunate enough to attend the Thursday night showing and wish I could watch it again.

As soon as the lights dimmed and that familiar piano tune started playing, I was transported back to my childhood. I love how the characters were more developed, providing backstories for not only Belle and Beast, but also the servants of the house. It made it easier to understand how the two leads fall so deeply in love after a mere five days. Gaston was my personal favorite and Luke Evans did a great job portraying him. His character was a little darker than the cartoon, but he was still such a comedic role. Lumiere and Cogsworth also provided a lot of humor and were so beautiful to look at.

The film added in new songs as well as extended the classics. I really enjoyed Beast’s song “Nevermore,” which reminded me of the Broadway soundtrack’s “How Long Must This Go On.” The extended, original songs did not tarnish them, but developed them more, just like the characters. I especially liked how in “Kill the Beast,” LeFou asked who was the real Beast-the mob or the Beast? How deep!

The castle was beautiful and naturally the library was one of my favorite sets. (I would kill to be in that room!) While it was stunning, there were still parts of it that looked extremely frightening. (In the prison, you could turn and fall into an abyss and…. die-foreshadowing??)

If you’re still on the fence and unsure if you should see it, I would suggest you should. I think all of the actors did the characters justice and I was upset it ended so quickly. (Even though it was 2 hours and 9 minutes.) My only concern would be if you are going with younger children. They might not be able to sit through it seeing as how many parents and little ones kept going up and down the aisle.

Beauty and the Beast is now in theaters

The Influx of Time Travel TV shows this Season


Time travel has always been of interest to movie goers and filmmakers alike. The idea of visiting the past or the future, and what complications could arise, makes for some great drama and comedy as well. But are there too many?

Recently there has been an influx of time travel shows on network television. Last season CW debuted Legends of Tomorrow, a spin-off series starring the heroes and villains from DC’s Arrow and The Flash. Now in its second season, it joined an epic crossover across four nights with the other DC shows on the CW and has been renewed for a third season. This fall NBC also premiered a time travel show called Timeless, where three every-day people travel in time to stop a man from altering history. Now ABC and Fox have decided to add to the time travel genre with two new shows of their own.

ABC’s Time After Time is a combination of a sci-fi, mystery drama that feels very ABC like. It tells the story about H.G. Wells who travels in his time machine (that’s real-not just fiction) to chase after his friend Dr. John Stevenson, who is actually Jack the Ripper! Wells befriends a museum curator who oversees the H.G. Wells exhibit and a woman who claims to be his granddaughter (but I don’t believe it-even if there’s paperwork to prove it). Jack wants the key to the time machine, so he can have complete control of it, giving him the power to go anywhere in time. According to the upcoming scenes for the season, it looks like they mainly stay in present day New York, but may travel to other times like WWII. I’m very interested to watch more.

Fox’s Making History is a half hour sitcom that in the pilot shows how easy it is to alter the timeline. Dan, a college janitor, has a duffle bag that can travel back in time. They don’t get into too many logistics, just that his deceased father is the one who discovered it. (Well, good enough for me!) After delaying the Revolutionary War, he recruits Chris, a history professor to help set history right.

The typical time travel hijinks ensue from using famous people’s names and quotes from movies. Dan even sings Aerosmith to his colonial girlfriend, who spoiler alert is Paul Revere’s daughter. The episode ends on a cliffhanger that makes me want to watch the next. It’s very light-hearted and you find yourself laughing even at the most serious things.

So now a duffle bag gets added to the list of time traveling machines, such as the TARDIS, the DeLorean, and the Cosmic Treadmill. Should be interesting to see if these shows stand the test of time. In the meantime, we could think about where we would go if we had the chance. So, if you could time travel what would be your preferred method of travel?

Time After Time airs Sunday at 9 on ABC

Making History airs Sunday at 8:30 on Fox

Reviewing The Vampire Diaries Series Finale


This year marks the end of several supernatural shows, such as Grimm, Teen Wolf and The Vampire Diaries. After eight seasons, the Vampire Diaries came to a close last night. It premiered on the CW back in 2009 based on the book series by L.J. Smith. It became an instant favorite on the CW and fans were divided between Team Stefan or Team Damon. The finale had highs and lows and while it might not have been my favorite series finale, there were still some really great moments.

Spoilers ahead!

The most shocking moment of the finale had to be Stefan’s death. Even as he was telling Elena what happened I didn’t completely believe it. In the end, he sacrificed himself in order to kill Katherine once and for all and eliminate Hell. While I was upset to see him die, I think they did it in a really good way. He got to marry Caroline (while it was short-lived), see Elena one last time, and see Lexi again in the afterlife. (It was so nice to see her.) He got to die on his own terms and as a human.

Despite the frequent commercials and not a lot happening, the episode seemed to bring the series full circle. The original villain, Katherine, returned and they even used several elements from the pilot from the elusive fog, the crow, and the same music. Damon’s first and last line were even the same: “Hello Brother.” (So well written.) My favorite part had to be the epilogue when we saw everyone’s future as the ghost of their loved ones watched them. It was a great way to bring back old characters who died off as early as season 1. I just got confused when Elena hugged her parents and her aunt and uncle. I had to watch it back to hear that she said, in the narration, that her and Damon lived a long and happy life. While many doors closed, the writers did leave one open in hopes of an Originals crossover. I really hope so! (The Vampire Diaries spin-off, The Originals, premiered four years ago, following the most dangerous original family of vampires.) In the series finale, Alaric is shown opening his school for the young and gifted (cough cough X-men?) and Caroline, along with Jeremy are helping him. Caroline opens a letter with a generous donation from Klaus. KLAUS! A ship that so many fans were crazy about (me included). He even signed it with “However long it takes.” So good. Almost as good as Matt getting a bench in the town square.

The Vampire Diaries is available on Netflix and DVD.

The Originals season 4 premieres Friday at 8.

This Just In on the Supergirl/Flash Musical Crossover

\"barrykara5\"The long awaited Supergirl/Flash Musical Crossover is rapidly approaching (beginning at the end of Supergirl’s next new episode March 20th). Last night during Supergirl, the first short promo for the crossover was released. (Link below) CW also revealed the following synopsis for the Flash episode, where the majority of the crossover will take place:

Barry (Grant Gustin) and team are surprised when Mon- El (guest star Chris Wood) and Hank Henshaw (guest star David Harewood) arrive on their Earth carrying a comatose Supergirl (guest star Melissa Benoist) who was whammied by the Music Meister (guest star Darren Criss). Unable to wake her up, they turn to Team Flash to save her. However, the Music Meister surprises The Flash and puts him in a similar coma, one that Team Flash can’t cure. Kara and Barry wake up without their powers in an alternate reality where life is like a musical and the only way to escape is by following the script, complete with singing and dancing, to the end.

Below are pictures that were also released.







It has not been released how much time will be spent in each of the realities, but it can be assumed we’ll be seeing more of Kara and Barry in the musical world than Team Flash trying to solve the problem. However, we will be expected to see some of the cast in this alternate world. I guess that makes sense at how Malcolm Merlyn and Dr. Martin Stein will be there from Legends of Tomorrow. I just can’t wait to see Barry and Kara together again.

The Supergirl/Flash crossover begins Monday, March 20th at 8 on Supergirl and continues on the Flash Tuesday, March 21st at 8.


Supergirl “Exodus”


Last night’s newest episode of Supergirl, “Exodus,” was jam-packed with action from stopping Cadmus deporting aliens to uncovering Jeremiah Danver’s true loyalties. You know it’s going to be an event-filled and violent episode when it begins with a family singing a Bruno Mars song blissfully during a car ride. Just about every character was in this episode too, including the illusive James Olsen. (He was at the DEO and the alien dive bar. Two different sets! We probably won’t see him for three more episodes.) Lena Luthor even made an appearance at CATCO. Who would have known she gets lunch with Kara!

Prepare yourself for spoilers.

The end of last episode left a very distraught Kara and Alex after learning of Jeremiah’s betrayal. While we saw Kara get up and continue fighting, after hearing about the release of the alien registry act to Cadmus, I was worried at how Alex would handle everything. She has always been so concerned with getting her father back and now she realized he’s been working with them. Last night’s episode showed just how unstable she is, starting with beating up the guy from Cadmus even when he states he physically can’t tell her anything. Even though J’onn’s trick, posing as Jeremiah, was shady; it was completely affective. We got to see where Alex’s loyalties lied. She would go against the DEO to keep her father safe. I think J’onn and Kara were right when they told Alex to sit this one out, but I also liked how Maggie stood by her. In the end her methods were justified because she helped stop the aliens from leaving Earth (with Kara’s help of course) and Jeremiah was shown as ultimately being a good guy. (Even though I’m still not completely buying it. I really did love when Lillian Luthor said: “You’re the only Superman we need.” Great nod to his role on Lois and Clark.)

This episode also showed Kara that she can’t always assume she can write a story because she uses Supergirl as her source. In the past, this hasn’t been an issue, but when she wants to alert the aliens of National City of the danger they’re in, she can’t. While I think it was bold and smart of Kara to publish the article on her own, Snapper did have a point. He stressed how their news has to be 100% true and she should have multiple sources to back her up. I just wish she didn’t lose her job. While we might not be her at CATCO all the time, I liked that she was a reporter like her cousin and had a life besides being Supergirl.

This time Kara and Mon-El surprisingly didn’t fight. He was extremely supportive, while still being the usual humorous Mon-El. Kara even told him, “Maybe being Supergirl and having you is enough.” While I loved this moment, I also cringed because I feared for what’s to come and it’s coming next episode. Check out the link below for promo of 2×16 “Star-Crossed,” the first part of the musical crossover with the Flash. I was surprised Mon-El’s true identity was revealed in the voice-over of the commercial. Good thing, because the next new episode airs in two weeks March 20th.

Bates Motel The Final Season


A&E’s Bates Motel, following a young Norman Bates, pre-psycho, transplanted in our modern era, is currently in its fifth and final season. This season started in late February airing its third episode “Bad Blood” last night.

When the show began in 2013, teenage Norman Bates (played by Freddie Highmore) moved into a new town with his mother Norma (Vera Farmiga) in hopes of a fresh start. The show begins with an incident of Norman’s father’s death and Norman believes it was an accident, yet the viewer knows there’s more to it. It’s been interesting being on this rollercoaster ride of tragedy and drama from Norman’s blackouts, to his becoming obsessed with taxidermy-all leading up to him becoming the inevitable killer we know from Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho. The creator of the show has done a great job envisioning Norman’s journey to the character viewers were already familiar with.

So far, the final season has delivered each and every episode and leaves the viewer wanting-no needing more. It’s no secret that Norman eventually takes over the role of his mother due to his schizophrenia. At this point in the show this is the most severe we’ve ever seen his ‘blackouts’. (We’ve officially seen him in the dress and wig believing he is in fact Norma. So eerie!) The question that continues to be fuzzy is if he realizes she’s dead. (Her frozen, dead body is in the house!) Right now it looks like he believes her death was faked, yet at the end of 5×01, we see Norman hug her dead body. Is there part of him that realizes what had actually happened?

I’m really enjoying Chick’s presence and how he’s allowed to stay in the house. The dinner scene, this past episode, was so well crafted and he is going along with everything perfectly. As he says, he is just an observer, and it looks like he’s going to take all that observing and craft it into a true crime novel. Who knows if he’ll be alive long enough to see it published?

While other seasons might have dragged at times, season five will definitely be ending the series with a bang!

Bates Motel airs Mondays at 10 on A&E.

Supergirl “Homecoming” Recap

\"supergirl-season-2-cw-poster\"“When’s the last time we were this lucky? Lucky enough that Cadmus is moving their most valuable prisoner. A guy the DEO’s been unable to find for over fifteen years and he just lands in our lap?” Mon-El was the voice of reason during last night’s Supergirl episode. (Can you believe it?) After a very light-hearted and fun episode last week with Mr. Mxyzptlk, we got a heart-wrenching episode with cringe-worthy moments involving the return of Jeremiah Danvers. We were reminded that if everything seems too good to be true, it is and that you can’t always trust family (especially if they have been kidnapped with the enemy for the last decade).

While the end of last week’s episode saw Kara and Mon-El FINALLY together (and I mean together), the couple continued to butt heads; beginning with Mon-El going against her wishes to keep their relationship quiet for a bit. Now I can understand why he wanted to tell everyone because he’s proud of their relationship and he doesn’t want to hide it, but I think he could have waited more than 10 seconds before blurting it out. I did like when J’onn and Alex mentioned they’d have to report to H.R. I guess the DEO isn’t that much different from a regular office.

Mon-El was the first one to question Jeremiah’s return and he made some great points, such as receiving an alert from Cadmus about moving a weapon when they don’t usually get notified unless Cadmus poses the message on purpose. That’s a red flag for sure. He just went about sharing his theory in the wrong way. When Kara told him to drop it, he shouldn’t have brought it up at the dinner. It was interesting to hear Jeremiah tell him in the hallway that he knows who he really is. I was surprised Mon-El answers with “And?” rather than what do you know or why? To which Jeremiah responses, “That’s it. I know who you are and I doubt Kara would like the truth.” Would she not like to know the truth because he’s been lying or because of who he is or rather was? He has changed since the first time we met him. Either way I need this secret to be revealed soon because it’s already episode 14 and it’s just going to be another complication between Kara and Mon-El. They are already having an issue every episode that needs to be reconciled at the end of the episode in her apartment. How will this change everything? Ugh, I cannot handle the drama.

I loved Winn and Mon-El in this episode. Their friendship is so great and I like how Winn believed Mon-El’s suspicions when no one else did. How cute is it that they share a Netflix account! I also liked how Winn was there to give Mon-El advice for his relationship with Kara. In the end, Mon-El used it and listened to what Kara needed. He had a lot of character development in this episode.

It is important to note that this was yet another episode without James. When Kara said, she was taking the other fly-guy on the mission, I automatically thought of the Guardian, but she was talking about Martian Manhunter (who I was happy to see out in the field). Is it possible that the team is getting too big and James just isn’t a part of it anymore? Season 2 is revolving more around the DEO rather than CATCO, so he hasn’t been influential to the plot. In several ways Mon-El has taken his air time. We see him hang out more with the team, Winn, and he’s the love interest for Kara. I hope next season sees a better storyline for James.

The ending posed several questions: Why is Jeremiah helping Cadmus? He didn’t look like he had much remorse for going against his daughters. You can tell he still cares for them, but it doesn’t look like he’s being held against his will. So what’s his deal? And what kind of spaceship was that? His betrayal will definitely change everyone’s dynamic, especially Kara and Alex, but Kara proved her strength by going into the DEO after learning the list of the aliens was taken by Cadmus. I hope Alex will find a way to overcome his betrayal or learn why he is acting the way he is. I certainly want to know why! I can’t wait till next week!

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Throwback Thursday Review: The Sarah Jane Adventures

\"The-Sarah-Jane-Adventures-Series-1\"Yesterday I found myself re-watching an old David Tennant episode of Doctor Who “Journey’s End,” thanks to BBC America. It was still so good to see all of the Tenth Doctor’s old companions reunite to stop Davros and it still hurt my heart to watch *spoilers* what happened to Donna. As I was watching the episode, I realized I watched the Doctor Who spin-off Torchwood, following Captain Jack, but never watched The Sarah Jane Adventures. I had never been interested to before, but something about Sarah Jane repeatedly saying, “He’s only 14!” about her son made me want to change that.

So today, thanks to the power of Amazon Prime, I watched the first two episodes of season 1 of The Sarah Jane Adventures: “Revenge of the Slitheen: Part 1 and 2.” (According to IMDb there’s apparently an episode before these. I’ll have to look into that.) The Sarah Jane Adventures follows former Doctor Who companion Sarah Jane (Elisabeth Sladen) as she protects the Earth from aliens with her adopted son Luke, his friends Maria, and Clyde and their super computer John Smith. The show ran from 2007-2011 with five seasons, and a total of 54 episodes.

I was really excited and happy to re-enter the world of Russell T. Davies’ Doctor Who. There has definitely been a shift in the show since Steven Moffat took over. (It should be interesting to see how the show will change with Chris Chibnall as the Head Writer and Executive Producer. Going through writing changes feels like regenerations.) While I was never a fan of the Slitheen, I did find them comical in this episode and liked that we were introduced to a child. It was easy to get to know the lead characters and I felt invested in the show right away. I particularly like how fast Clyde joined the team. At the moment he kind of reminds me of Mickey Smith. I can’t wait to watch more and figure out what is so special about Luke. I can understand why Sarah Jane wasn’t comfortable with him calling her Mum, but they kept stressing how he saved the world when he was born. He’s either a very important human, or not human at all. (My moneys on the latter.) I also can’t wait for some Doctor cameos. I remember hearing Tennant and Smith appear once or twice on the show. I love being able to Binge watch old shows. Waiting around weekly for new episodes can be so annoying. I’ll keep you posted as I travel through space and time with The Sarah Jane Adventures!

Supergirl Mr. and Mrs. Mxyzptlk

\"Supergirl-FEAT\"Valentine’s Day came a week late to Supergirl this week in “Mr. and Mrs. Mxyzptlk,” in what felt like a filler episode.

Spoilers to come.

At the end of the “Luthors,” just as Kara and Mon-El were about to kiss, the magical imp from the 5th dimension, Mr. Mxyzptlk appears (thank goodness I don’t have to pronounce his name) and professes his love for Kara. While I thought his character was very funny and charming (I loved how he serenaded her by singing parts of Aladdin’s “A Whole New World,” especially because he starred as the Genie on ABC’s short-lived “Once Upon a Time in Wonderland”- nice touch writers) and was perfect for a Valentine’s Day themed episode, he wasn’t very developed. Maybe he didn’t have much depth at all, but I wanted to know what in fact brought him to this Earth? Was it really Kara? Where is the 5th dimension and how common are these magical imps if Mon-El was so familiar with them on Daxam? I needed more. This episode reminded me of one of those filler episodes we’d get on “Smallville,” after an epic storyline. It’s like the writers just needed something to tie up some loose ends, which they did.

3 big relationships arcs happened:

1.Maggie and Alex

Everything seemed really smooth sailing between the two new love birds, until the subject of Valentine’s Day got brought up. Despite Alex saying Valentine’s Day wasn’t important to her, we could clearly tell it was by the disappointing look she gave the camera when Maggie wasn’t looking. I like how they both got advice from Kara, who is clearly not an expert on the subject, and were able to have a special Valentine’s Day of their own. I also liked learning about Maggie’s story because so far we don’t know much. It was interesting to hear her open up about how her family and friends learned she was gay. The show provided a drastic alternative to what Alex just experienced.

2.Winn and Lyra

Winn hasn’t exactly had the best luck with relationships: Kara, Siobhan, but it looks like Lyra might last? It’s too early to tell, but I like how we’re going into territory of a mixed-race relationship. Winn looks more than happy to get into a relationship with an alien as shown when he brings Lyra to a popular human restaurant. His lack of caring what others think makes Lyra more attracted to him. I wonder where their relationship will be headed.

3.Kara and Mon-El

This episode really made them seem like an old married couple. They fought more (“Good to see you Dana”) than having a regular conversation. In her apartment, Mon-El told Kara he has feelings for her he’s never experienced before. Aw… In the end Kara told Mon-El that she had to make it seem like they shouldn’t be together in case Mr. Mxyzptlk was listening and so Mon-El wouldn’t follow her to the Fortress of Solitude. Once this issue was resolved the two finally got their kiss. Now let’s hope this relationship stays intact once she finds out aliens are after him.

Supergirl airs Mondays at 8 on the CW.

A Review of Newsies In Theaters

\"maxresdefault\"If you can’t wait to see Supergirl’s Jeremy Jordan sing this spring in the musical crossover episode, you should head to theaters as Fathom Events presents Newsies. Jordan appeared as the lead, Jack Kelly, on the Broadway stage and returns for the three-night event. I was fortunate enough to see it this past Thursday and wish I could go again.

Newsies is based on the Newsboy Strike of 1899, where the newsies of New York held a 2-week strike against Pulitzer, Hearst, and other powerful newspaper publications for the right to be looked at as fair employees rather than their pawns. Disney produced a film in 1992 starring Christian Bale as Jack Kelly leading the newsies strike, but the film ultimately tanked. However, it created die-hard fans, who campaigned for the film to be given another chance. They got that chance when the musical began its run on Broadway in March of 2012, where it spent 2 ½ years at the Nederland Theater. Then it went into a North American tour hitting major cities across the country. Last September, members of the original cast (Jordan, Kara Lindsay, Andrew Kennan-Bolger and Ben Fankhauser) joined members of the tour to film the show in front of a live audience and that is what we are seeing now.

This is probably one of the cheapest Broadway shows you’ll ever see and it is so worth it, plus you don’t have to worry about how to get home from the city because you’re in the comfort of your local movie theater. The songs will be stuck in your head for the rest of the night and you’ll wish they will release the film onto DVD, so you can rewatch it again and again. Jeremy Jordan fully encompasses the leader of the Newsies Union, Jack Kelly, making you forget that he plays the tech savvy, Winn on Supergirl. You witness all of his emotions through his song, dance and way he delivers his dialogue. The great part of this musical beginning filmed, is the fact that you get to see all the actors faces. When you’re in the theater and can only get Upper Mezzanine tickets, it’s often difficult seeing the actors faces or you imagine them one way until you see their headshot in the Playbill and you’re like that’s them? Here you can see the sweat dripping off their faces to the spit coming out of their mouths as they belt out a heart wrenching number, like the reprise of “Santé Fe.” It will also make you even more impressed of the performers as they go from one dance number to the next seamlessly and never looking the least out of breath.

The only complaint I have is the camera angles during some of the more action packed scenes, such as when they are fighting in “Seize the Day.” At times, it was hard to follow because the camera was too close to mimicking the actor’s actions. It made me feel a little sick. I was happy this didn’t happen too frequently and that you could still see all of the impressive dance moves and appreciate how skilled and in sync all of these performers danced. My personal favorite was the tap dancing number during “King of New York.” Listening to it on the soundtrack doesn’t do it justice.

You still have one more chance to catch the show, as it began airing this past Thursday, February 16th, this Saturday, 18th, and Wednesday, 22nd. Check it out before it’s too late. You’ll never see another show like it! #newsiesforever

The 100: “The Four Horsemen” Recap


After a third season that got mixed reviews, season four is starting out strong. In the first two episodes of the season, Sky crew and the grounders have been frantically trying to find a way to survive the oncoming solar radiation. Episode Three, “The Four Horsemen,” provided some hope, but then quickly crushed it.

Spoilers Ahead.

A lot of action happened in this episode, but one of the most important moments was when Clarke found out they no longer have six months before the radiation comes-they only have two. This was revealed thanks to Luna, the last night blood we met in season three, and her remaining people coming to Arcadia for treatment of Radiation Sickness. Unfortunately, while they tried to save them, Luna was the only one left standing. Could she be the key to surviving the acid rain?

Jaha provided some hope when he spoke of a possible bunker that could have survived the first wave of radiation all those years ago. I was a little thrown off by the fact he was showing Bellamy and Clarke the information on a tablet, but it held good evidence forcing them to go on a road trip with him to find it. (I feel like this show doesn’t always explain how it has everything, such as the cars, but you just go with it.) I was really hoping there would be something salvageable in that old bunker, or even better survivors who have been down there all this time. But while Jaha’s intentions appeared to be good, it wound up being a dead end. This forced Clarke to sit down and write the list of 100 people (ironic) who will be spared on the ARC. While it pained her to comprise it, she wrote down Bellamy’s name as 99 with ease. Then he put her name as 100 and our Bellarke hearts melted. I just wish she would have hid the list better. Clarke, you really don’t think anyone is going to find that paper, folded one time, in the top, open, drawer of your desk. Come on! (As shown in the promo for next week Jasper and Monty find it. Shocker.)

Back at Polis the flare was stolen from King Roan and Octavia, or Sky Rippa as she is now being called, was sent to get it back. Little did she know, the girl who stole the flare was none other than Indra’s daughter, which contemplates things. Fortunately, an ambush from some looters allows Indra’s daughter to leave with the real flare, while the looters break a replica. So now while she searches for the next commander, the King must use Octavia to help enforce his law. Will Luna be willing to finally take the flare and become the next commander, now that she lost everything?

The 100 airs Wednesdays at 9 on the CW.

Supergirl 2×12 “Luthors” Recap



This week’s episode asked the age old question: Can you really trust a Luthor? While the cards looked stacked against Lena Luthor, Kara stood strongly by.

Spoilers Ahead!

The 12th episode of Supergirl saw the return of Lena and Lillian Luthor, who yes are still on the show. The last we saw Lillian Luthor she was getting arrested and her adopted daughter, Lena, helped Supergirl make that happen. In this episode, Lillian is broken out of prison by Metallo, who has a bad batch of kryptonite. After a surveillance video of Lena is released, showing Lena taking kryptonite out of her safe, she is arrested for ‘supposedly’ helping her mother escape jail. Kara continually refuses to believe that Lena is guilty, while the rest at the DEO think otherwise. James even reminds Kara that Clark and Lex used to be friends and look what happened to them. (Flashbacks to Smallville.) Despite all of the evidence, Kara stays true to her friend. While Lena is proven innocent, the end of the episode alludes to Lena being bad? It was very confusing. Lena is against her mother the entire time, but when she’s back in her office she stares at the knight chess piece that was Lex’s, very sinisterly. Come on, Lena! Don’t give into the Luthor stereotype. Sure, you learned that you are actually a Luthor by blood (Lionel Luthor had an affair with her mother), but that doesn’t mean you need to be evil. Let’s just hope we see her again sooner before we forget about her plotline.

In other story lines:

James and Kara FINALLY reconciled their friendship. I was just thinking back to how much I miss them getting along and BAM they made up. Thank goodness! But was that a longing stare I saw James?

Everyone knows Alex and Maggie are together. I forgot that they didn’t.

Kara admitted her feelings to Mon-El and they were about…to…kiss, when who the heck is that guy? It looks like our Valentine’s Day episode is coming a week late.

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