Stephen King

Sep 11, 2017

“It” Shatters Box Office Expectations In Opening Weekend

One of the most unexpectedly frightening things about the Stephen King film adaptation of It was how monumentally successful it’s...

Sep 6, 2017

The Remake of Stephen King’s “It” Looks Terrifying

The mind of Stephen King is truly a dark and frightening place.  From novels like The Stand to The Shining...

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Oct 1, 2011

Stephen King is spot on

Even if you’re not a fan of Stephen King, you have to admit that the man is wise....

Jul 18, 2011

Dark Tower Film/TV Series Falls Apart!

The new Comcast-owned NBC has pulled out of Ron Howard’s adaptation of The Dark Tower. Stephen King’s Magnum Opus- spanning...

May 25, 2011

Dark Tower Delayed

Though we’ve been hearing that filming of Ron Howard’s upcoming Dark Tower adaptation is facing budget issues, word from Opie...

Mar 10, 2011

Stephen King has opened a new door to Mid-World

  Stephen King has posted on his website that a new Dark Tower novel is set for release in 2012.  ...

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Feb 1, 2011

‘The Stand’ coming to the big screen

The Hollywood Reporter is reporting that Warner Brothers and CBS Films are going to bring Stephen King’s novel The Stand...

Bale Added to “Dark Tower” Short List

Page Six is “reporting” that Christian Bale is now in contention to play Roland Deschain in Ron Howard’s DARK TOWER...

Jan 26, 2011

10 Interesting SciFi reads for the holidays

Here in North America, winter has finally arrived.  The days are short and the nights are cold.  Whether you’re looking...

Nov 28, 2010