Is Endor in Episode VII? Probably Not


Return of the Jedi Han Endor Smirk

For Star Wars fans, it’s become pretty annoying to see the mainstream media assume that Episode VII would use planets such as Hoth or Endor. These people seem unfamiliar with the concept of introducing new planets, which every Star Wars movie has done so far, and only want old favorites to show up in the new movie.

Today something new has come out that will do nothing but fan the flames of these type of stories. Our buddy Andrew at MakingStarWars spotted these Tweets that show off “Endor” signs around Oxfordshire:

The truth, that some sites will obviously ignore, is that these signs are likely coded directions so people involved can find where the base camp is. It’s likely that “Endor” is the code name for this specific location’s base camp, as opposed to JJ Abrams busting open the Mystery Box with publicly visible signs.