Rob Liefeld Says \’Deadpool\’ Will Be PG-13


Deadpool PG-13Even though he is only partially responsible for ripping off DC’s Deathstroke (Slade Wilson) with Marvel’s Deadpool (Wade Wilson), Rob Liefeld has been the voice for the character ever since talk of a movie began. And yes, originally Deadpool was a direct copy of Deathstroke, as the humorous elements everyone knows about the character weren’t added until much later when Joe Kelly began the on-going series.

Last month on Twitter, Liefeld confirmed that the amazing Deadpool script most people have read has been re-written into a tamer (and much cheaper) PG-13 version. This will be a disappointment to people hoping the Deadpool movie announced yesterday would be rated R.

So those hoping to see that amazing leaked script translated to the big screen will probably be very disappointed with this. Hopefully they keep the Colossus stuff…