Has Peter Mayhew Officially Retired From Chewie?


A couple days ago a Tweet went out in reaction to the Han Solo cast photo that many fans are taking as a sign that Peter Mayhew has retired from Chewbacca. Everyone knows that Joonas Suotamo played Chewie for a lot of The Force Awakens, with Peter reprising the role the remainder of the time. But now it looks as if Joonas is the sole Chewbacca for the Han Solo film.

Joonas Suotamo posted this statement on his Twitter the other day:


The wording of that certainly sounds as if the torch has been passed. It’s unclear how things worked out in The Last Jedi, but it is known that Joonas was apparently involved there and Mayhew was at one time listed as the “Chewbacca consultant” on the film.